What is CBD, and Will it Get Me High?

CBD is pretty much a buzzword at this point. You’ll hear it being incorporated at your local juice shop, headlined across leading publications, and everyone from soccer moms to teachers and lawyers are taking the compound in the hopes that it will provide some sort of relief. I bet your ears are perked up. Maybe because you take it and you’re not quite sure why. Or because you’ve heard it can provide relief and you’re curious.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it’s one of many cannabinoids molecules produced by Cannabis, second only to THC. I guess that’s where the caution with CBD stems from, it’s often times associated with *Marijuana and while CBD is found in THC and vice versa, there is a way to separate the CBD compound to just take advantage of the CBD benefits. 

*For the record Hemp and Marijuana while similar, are two different plants. CBD is found in both, so depending on the state you live in, obviously marijuana is or isn't legal. That can effect the CBD that you purchase depending on if they're using Hemp or Marijuana to extract the CBD. 

Some of those benefits include: Pain Relief, Stress Relief, it can help combat Anxiety, it has Anti-Seizure properties, and it can help treat sleep issues amongst a growing list of other treatments. 

Going back to CBD and THC being complimentary, there are two types of CBD Oil you’ll find on the market today. Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate. The real difference is that Full Spectrum is made from multiple cannibanoids in addition to CBD like CBN, CBL, CBCVA and is known to have trace amounts of THC vs the CBD Isolate is pure CBD. Theres a huge debate of which one is better for you, it all comes down to what works for your body. Sometimes the trace amounts of THC will show up on drug tests, but there are also added known benefits to full spectrum because of how the other cannibanoids work with CBD. 

In terms of how CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, there are a few different techniques that can be used. A popular technique used to be by running harsh chemicals like lighter fluid or hexane over the raw plant. While a bunch of manufacturers still use this method (do your research on the products you’re buying), many are now switching over to a method called CO2 extraction, which is cleaner and believed to be much a healthy extraction. 

I share all of this to say that CBD will not make you high. I guess that’s where my curiosity was first piqued by this THC relative. Full disclosure, I’ve smoked pot before, a few times. And fun fact, CBD *IS* in Marijuana, and CBD is often the compound that levels out your high. I’ve heard if you smoke too much THC you can actually take CBD oil to help calm you down. Which is pretty cool. So imagine all the feelings of getting high but without the psychoactive part, the mellowing out, the calmness, the stress relief, that is essentially what CBD makes you “feel” and I put feel in “” because it honestly is different for everyone and sometimes not feeling something is the intended reaction. 

As a pretty knowledgable THC consumer, I have to admit I originally didn’t know much about CBD up until a few years ago. I guess the reality is a lot of people are uneducated about it still.

I first discovered the power of pure CBD when I was in a car accident three years ago. The accident left me with a broken pelvis in two places and pain that lingered long after my body had healed. After months and months of physical therapy I was still feeling residual and persistent pain. And on top of it, my orthopedic surgeon said my only three options at finding true relief would be to get injections when the pain flared up combined with pain meds, get surgery, or to live with it. At 25 years old, I didn’t want to just “live with pain” but I didn’t like my other options. And so it was around that time that my mom discovered the benefits of CBD and started encouraging me to take it as often as possible. It was within a few months that the pain that I had felt lingering for so long started to disappear. It sounds like magic, but I knew it had to be attributed to CBD because at that point I had already exhausted everything and even my doctor couldn’t provide a remedy that didn’t involve knives and prescription drugs.

Since then I’ve gotten in the practice of taking CBD daily. Generally in the afternoon or before bed because the higher dosage you take can cause drowsiness. But I see it not only as a pain relief, but also as a preventative measure and more and more people are agreeing with me. I take it as a tincture directly under my tongue, let is sit for 30 seconds and then swallow it. You can also drop it into coffee, smoothies, or any liquid. I’ve also seen recipes where it’s used in raw baking (heating CBD can deteriorate its potency). I’ve also vaped CBD before, so there really is a ingestion method for everyone!

During this time I’ve seen CBD become more and more adopted over the years, it’s become legal by the FDA, and invited into the homes of people who would never touch marijuana. I remember hearing the words uttered by some of my friends who would never smoke pot telling me they were told to try it for anxiety, or severe migraines. I couldn’t believe that for the first time in a long time CBD and THC as a close relative were getting praised instead of ridiculed. The time is now to change the conversation and I want to be a part of that group leading the charge. 

As someone who works out and puts her body to the test as much as I do, it’s imperative that I try to recover my body not only from the outside in, but from the inside out. And CBD for me, has been something that has proven to provide that relief, that recovery, and that relaxation. 

So much so that I’m really pleased to share that I’m soft launching a CBD product line with my family called RESTART CBD. Our products will focus on the purest CBD isolate and extraction process, tailored for people like me. Health and wellness advocates who want to take care of their body and find relief from every day stresses to severe injuries. We call it CBD for Optimal Balance! I’m so excited to share more with you as we roll out more details about our business. But I’m always available if you have questions about that, just give me a shout– shayda (AT) restartcbd dot com. And if you’re in Austin, we’ll be doing our first pop up event at Athletic Outcomes this weekend at the Women’s Self Care Sunday event! Tickets can be purchased here.