Uber Eats x SXSW 2019 x Milk Bar

Do you know how loud I shrieked when I heard Milk Bar was going to be in Austin doing a series of pop ups with Uber Eats?! However, the shrieks were brought to a halt after I realized I had missed all of the pop up events that they were doing at their 6th street and Red River SXSW Uber Eats window because I was working for our CBD company, RESTART CBD, on those days. Womp womp. So when a mysterious invitation to attend the SXSW official party as a VIP showed up, I couldn’t contain my excitement and I quickly RSVP’d.

The party was one of three, featuring a musical act and a big nationally recognized food brand. One night was Khalid and McDonalds, another was By Chloe and Billie Elish, and my night was Milk Bar and Virgil¬†Abloh. TBH Idk who Virgil is, so sorry Virgil. But I know Milk Bar very well. In fact, I have a well documented obsession with Christina Tosi’s confections that dates back at least 8+ years since I had my first ever birthday cake truffle. Since then I’ve chased Milk Bar down in NYC, Toronto, Vegas, and most recently in Austin!

The party was one whole series of me stuffing birthday cake truffles into my mouth (and my purse) and while I walked away with a stomach ache, it wasn’t done in vain and I left with a huge smile on my face.

This is what SXSW dreams are made of, at least mine. And so I will always remember Uber Eats for delivering Milk Bar straight to my hometown and inviting me to be a part of the festivities!