Top 10 Paleo Finds at Sprouts

I love Sprouts! They have good prices for a lot of my shelf stable and freezer products, and I always hit them up for their vitamin and supplement sales. I love that they have an emphasis on alternative lifestyle and diet friendly products and while I can’t find everything there, they have a good array of options for Paleo eaters like myself. So I’ve been loving coming across all the Sprouts Paleo friendly brands I’m seeing on the shelves and wanted to share them with you. I’m going to to lineup 10 of my personal favorite brands I shop that you can find at Sprouts and would love to learn what some of your favorite Paleo friendly Sprouts finds are!

Lara Bar Plant based protein bars
They come in 4 flavors (Almond Butter Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Blueberry Muffin, Apple Cobbler, and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup)– 2 are technically paleo but the other two do use peanut butter and unsweetened chocolate if you’re being strict paleo then just avoid those ones. I love them for the flavor and 11g PLANT BASED PROTEIN. So many bars say grain free but then use dairy/whey protein, it’s important to really read those ingredients. And with just 8 ingredients you can pronounce, you can’t go wrong!

CLIF bar Whole Lotta protein bars
This is a NEW protein bar on the shelf at Sprouts, I recently saw them there. They have 4 flavors too, and I’ve had 2 of them so far– The Tart Cherry Almond is a favorite, and the Spiced Almond Ginger is another good choice. The other flavors are Roasted Peanut Chocolate and Salted Dark Chocolate– so again the Peanut Butter one is technically not Paleo but if you’re on the paleo fence or okay with some unsweetened chocolate and pb, the ingredients are good too! And with 10g of protein an easy paleo friendly snack to throw in the bag.

Applegate Whole30 Turkey Bacon
Applegate actually makes a handful of Whole30 friendly products. But my favorite one of them all is the Turkey Bacon. Surprisingly one would think most bacon’s are void of sugar, but that’s not the case! So I love that Applegate makes a Turkey and Pork bacon that are free of sugars, antibiotics, and nitrates. The Turkey one is just my go to for easy protein to make a paleo friendly breakfast dish with! But I look forward to trying their other Whole30 friendly products!

Malk Organics
Three cheers for supporting Texas based brands! But aside from that Malk makes my GO TO dairy free milk featuring unsweetened almond milk, vanilla unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened cashew milk, and unsweetened pecan milk. I like the one with the vanilla so that’s usually the one I get. Because it’s made with 6 ingredients or less, meaning no binders, no carrageenan, no colors or sweeteners, it’s fresher than fresh!

SimpleMills Almond Flour Crackers
Thankfully there are so many great alternatives hitting the market so I don’t have to suffer without a great crunchy cracker in my life. SimpleMills makes the best almond flour crackers on the market and you can find a wide array of their products at Sprouts. My favorite one though I want to share is the Rosemary & Sea Salt Almond Flour crackers because the flavor is so damn tasty! I love eating this with some (not so paleo friendly but super healthy hummus) for a snack. And or as the base for some sandwich meat and you’ve got a protein rich snack! Made with simple ingredients like almond flour, tapioca, cassava, and sunflower oil these are crackers you can feel great about snacking on!

Caulipowered Sweet PotaToasts
You know what I love about these? They’re JUST SWEET POTATOES! I can’t even begin to recall how many frozen veggies are actually doused in other oils or have added sugars, it is crazy to me. But not these Caulipowered toasts. I saw these on a whim and I’m impressed. It’s not that I can’t cut up a sweet p and toast it myself, but sometimes I just don’t have fresh veggies and this can sit in my freezer and be there when I need some sweet potato’s in my life. They’re an excellent source of vitamin A & C, a good source of fiber & vitamin B6, and satisfies any gluten-free, vegan, or paleo dietary needs. (Found in the frozen foods section!)

Siete Grain Free Chips
Let’s be real, this is a PSA about Siete, all of their products are amazing! Grain free chips, tortillas, paleo/Whole30 friendly hot sauces, the list goes on! I just love that Sprouts carries a variety of their products so I’ll start with the chips and leave it open ended. This is another Austin based brand who has stolen my heart and given me hope for tacos and chips and salsa that will fit within my paleo diet. So everyone rejoice because if you haven’t had these cassava based chips before you are MISSING OUT! So next time you’re at Sprouts, throw a few bags in your cart 🙂

BirchBenders Paleo Pancake Mix
Thank the lord for BirchBenders because I know I could make my own “healthy” pancakes from scratch but sometimes I just don’t want to. I want a premix bag I just add water (no milk– no eggs) to in a bowl and heat the stove up and make a fat stack. In comes BirchBenders! Seriously though, they are some tasty pancakes and add some fresh fruit and you can whip up basically any flavor pancakes you want. No dairy, no grains, low glycemic. What more could you want? A stack right now? Roger that!

Kitchfix Grain free Waffles
If you can’t tell I love breakfast, and eating paleo is so important to how I jumpstart my day that these items are INTEGRAL in how I maintain. I got exposed to Kitchfix through an influencer outreach but have come to love their freezer waffles because, again, it can live in my freezer until I need it! They’re a great price, have blueberry waffles and plain, and are found in the frozen section. If you’ve been without waffles due to your new lifestyle diet then fear no more. Kitchfix waffles to the rescue. You’re welcome for putting them on your radar!

Pederson’s Natural Farms Sausage Patties
I recently discovered these and they’re probably my favorite Sprouts find. They too are marketed as Paleo friendly because they are no sugar added– I love that! Makes my job grocery hunting way easier. But they have sausage patties and sausage links, I prefer the patties just because of how I make them into breakfast sandwiches. Either would be just fine and they taste great! They’re pre-cooked and last in the fridge for a while although I doubt they will because you’ll want to eat them up ASAP. No sugar added, they have mild and spicy and you really can’t go wrong. Plus they’re sourced from a Texas farm so even more #supportlocal!

Hope you enjoyed my Sprouts finds and I’m always curious to hear what yall are loving eating, so dm me @withshayda, leave me a comment, or tag me in your grocery shop finds!