Top 10 Instagram Worthy Meals in Austin

Y’all know that I will do almost anything for Instagram. From standing on chairs to holding napkins up to diffuse light, I am always after the perfect shot. In this roundup, I share my top 10 Instagram-worthy meals in Austin because, if you don’t Instagram it, did it even happen?

10. Snow Monster

Instagram: @snowmonsteratx

Address11220 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

What to order: You can order bubble tea, and smoothies, but you’ll really want the shaved ice which comes in flavors like matcha, almond milk, and mango. You can top the shaved ice with fresh fruit, fruit jellys, and boba tapioca pearls. Don’t forget the condensed milk drizzle!

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: The shaved ice is served in this oval shaped bowl and it just looks so vibrant and different than any other type of shaved ice dessert I’ve seen. Definitely tasty and a great snap for Instagram.

9. Blenders and Bowls

Instagram: @blendersandbowls

Address: 206 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

What to order: With two locations around town, you can check out Blenders and Bowls for your smoothie and acai bowl fix. The specialty here is the acai bowls, which is like a smoothie bowl but a much thicker consistency. My favorite is the Bowl of Paradise made with dragon fruit and topped with goji berries which are not only good for you, but offer a nice crunch with every bite.

Why it’s Instagram-worthy:  You can order to go, but you may want to dine in simply for their beautiful ceramic bowls. They also construct them so perfectly and because they use such bright colored fruits, you get a really nice contrast on the bowls that make them the perfect snap!

8. Wu Chow

Instagram: @wuchowaustin

Address: 500 W 5th St #168, Austin, TX 78701

What to order: What not to order, you really can’t go wrong here. I come here a lot for lunch and always go with the Gung Bao chicken made with fresh bell peppers, and the Dan Dan noodles are great for a noodle slurp shot.

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: The food always comes out so colorful, the drinks have nice garnishes, and the tables are a good height so you can always get a great overhead shot here. Another pro tip, check them out for tiki happy hour, the drinks and apps are half off and you can get some really great photos of their food spread!

7. Central Standard

Instagram: @cstandardatx

Address: 1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

What to order: You can’t come here and not order the oysters and the hot crab dip. For one, Central Standard is known for its seafood bar, so it would be sacrilegious to not order oysters. And if you come for happy hour they’re $2 a pop! I’m also a fan of the $10 burger during happy hour, it’s just good!

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: The tables, the plating, the ambiance, it’s a cozy place that always produces nice cool photos. There is generally ample seating on their patio and I always opt to sit out there, either tucked in the South Congress Hotel courtyard if I want to have some privacy or on South Congress side if I want to people watch. Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy a delicious meal and get some swoon-worthy photos.

6. Elizabeth Street Cafe

Instagram: @elizabethstreetcafe

Address: 1501 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

What to order: The best things in life are sweets, said me, every day. And while everything on the Elizabeth Street Cafe is delicious, the macarons are extra special. They rotate flavors, but it doesn’t really matter, they’re all good. Snatch them up!

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: If you order half a dozen they come in these beautiful tiffany blue box which is the most delicate and bright presentation of these tasty treats. I also fall in love with the decor, ambiance and color palette of this little South First street gem. Inside or outside, there’s a perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post.

5. Hillside Farmacy

Instagram: @hillsidefarmacy

Address: 1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

What to order: You can’t show up here and not smile. For brunch, lunch, happy hour or dinner, you’ll find something you can’t live without. For me, the burger is something not to miss and on happy hour it’s only $12 and served with malt vinegar fries. It’s excellent, you’ll thank me later. 

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: I mean it should be a crime how beautiful some of these restaurants are, and Hillside Farmacy is not one to be missed. I just love the old pharmacy style get up which comes through the moment you step up. And between the touch of details throughout and the wonderfully whipped up menu, this is the perfect place to Instagram or hell, keep it all to yourself, I won’t tell! Or I probably would, but you do you.

4. Irene’s

Instagram: @irenesaustin

Address: 506 West Ave, Austin, TX 78701

What to order: You can never go wrong by ordering one of their toasts, which by the way, is totally appropriate to consume a whole one all by yourself. And their pimento cheese, which I also deem appropriate to eat all on your own. It’s all that good. Trust me.

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: You just want to kick back here, the vibes are so positive, the food is so simple but stupid good. Like whoever thought of the whole Easy Tiger toast topped with Nutella and hazelnuts is getting all of my money for always. The bar is beautiful, the light fixtures are beautiful, the outside patio space is never ending and that makes me so happy. So really just order any toast off the menu, grab a seat outside, and you’ll be good to go. Forever. For always.

3. Ramen Tatsuya

Instagram: @ramentatsu_ya

Address: 8557 Research Blvd #126, Austin, TX 78758

What to order: Originals are originals for a reason. I say go with what you know best, so the Tonkotsu Original it is for me. I love to add fresh pressed garlic, not for photos, because it just tastes so damn good. And I’m a corn snob, yes I said it, so I love to add the corn bomb. They’ve got a ton of other bombs, they’re all the, but pick what makes you feel happy because it’s about to be in your belly and it would be sad to order something you weren’t gelling with. 

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: For one, it’s the top rated Ramen in America, and I didn’t decide that, but I can get behind that. And for two, between the texture of the table, and the ingredients in the bowl, you’re creating a recipe for a whole lotta instadrools! You can’t go wrong with any bowl, just pick one, or two, and get ready for an epic shot!

2. Toss Pizzeria

Instagram: @tosspizzeria

Address: 2901 S 1st St #102, Austin, TX 78704

What to order: Pork belly carbonara, it’s not just beautiful with the egg on top, but it is extremely delicious. The crust is just so damn good, and I honestly want to eat this pizza both in my dreams and out of my dreams. 

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: I mean look at that egg! It holds up when you hold the pizza up. It is magic in the shape of a circular, warm, and delicious pizza and I want it all over my Instagram, don’t you?!


1. Grizzelda’s

Instagram: @grizzeldas

Address: 105 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702

What to order: You’re gonna wanna get a ride here, because the margaritas are the strongest in Austin, I think. Rather, I know. You’re going to definitely need to catch a Fasten, and you’re going to definitely want to order some food. The tostaditas, are basically little flat tacos topped with meat, beans, cheese and veggies, and they are the perfect thing to wash down with your margarita. I promise I’ve tested this method!

Why it’s Instagram-worthy: I think the first time I showed up my jaw fell to the floor. It took me drinking the margarita to regain consciousness and then lose it all over again. This place is drop dead gorgeous. The colors and prints are so vibrant but go together so well, you literally will want to own everything at Grizzeldas, and the best you’ll be able to get is to snap a photo of it for Instagram. But it’s ok, I do it, you can do it, that’s the beauty of it. So let’s do it!

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