Nothing is quite better than fresh baked cookies. Except I can think of one thing that might make it a little bit better… when someone else bakes and delivers the cookies to you! No slaving in the kitchen, and they always taste like grandma’s house.  

And brownie points if the cookies are still warm, which when you order Tiffs Treats, they’re not only warm, that’s the only way they deliver them. And for those of you who can’t wait for your cookie delivery, don’t worry they’ll let you pick up at one of their many Austin locations. 

We just moved to Cedar Park and there happens to be a brand new shop at 183A and Whitestone. And it happened to be National Chocolate Chip cookie day so I felt like delivering myself a box of something special. After all, it was a Wednesday and I had worked really hard! 


Tiffs really does have great cookies, the sugar base is sweet, but not overpowering. And then add in chocolate chips, M&Ms, even peanut butter chips! I’ve had the pleasure of eating cookies from many fine establishments across this great United States, I’ve even had other cookie delivery shops before, and they just never quite stacked up to Tiff’s Treats. 

What once started out as a late night snack for University of Texas students has now turned Austin’s hearts warm with the love of cookies. With over ___ locations around town, I’m sure there’s one near you. We even like to use it as a welcome treat to new employees and always send them a box on their first day! So whether you need to send a birthday box, thank you note, or have some cookies delivered to you, yourself the capital I, you can do just that! And there will be no shame, because let’s be real we all need a box of cookies every now and then!