The Highball -a place to relax and have fun with friends.

I love The Highball. It’s an extension of the Alamo Drafthouse Family and that means they share a lot of the same delicious and outgoing quirks. It’s a place for the young, the old, and for the very people who call Austin home. It’s for you and it’s definitely for me.

Now let’s step inside the newly reopened Highball.


The Highball Austin


The Highball is a place to have fun, from bingo (Tittie bingo to be precise), pub trivia, themed karaoke rooms and as many crazy themed drinks as you can think of. This is nerd heaven.

They’re known for hosting costume events, movie marathons, halloween dance parties, and then some.

It really is a true Austin experience, and today I’m sharing with you their new menu.




My blog is a part of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance, it’s a pretty awesome group of bloggers ranging from food critics to pastry chef’s and all that’s in between. It’s been a great resource for me as I began this blog because I’ve been able to get connected to other bloggers and hear about great events.

Once a month they host a meetup so we can mingle and hangout with each other, and this months was at The Highball.




The Highball has a new menu featuring things like deviled eggs with mustard caviar dolloped on top to, herbed french fries with a garlic aoili, to Frito pie made with Shiner Bock chili. Everything was amazing, and nothing was left untasted.

Below are just a few of my favorite things from the night.




Antonelli’s is an amazing cheese shop in Austin featuring local and imported cheeses, so no brainer that The Highball is sourcing their cheese from Antonelli’s. They are offering a cheese board with an assortion of cheeses and you can spring for an assortion of cured meats also from Antonelli’s. I say do it, who doesn’t love a good cheese and cured meats plate? Everyone


Quite possibly one of the most refreshing things on the menu and perfectly color balanced was the Baby heirloom tomatoes and Texas Goat Cheese salad, topped with fried avocado. The sharpness of the goat cheese mixed with the crunch and creaminess of the fried avocado was a taste my mouth felt at home with.

And the juiciness of the heirloom tomatoes– pow!




They continued to bring out items like warm jalepeno cheddar cheese cornbread, and fried brussel sprouts & shishito peppers with bacon.

I am a big fan of shishito peppers and brussel sprouts, add in the bacon and it is game over, literally we ate the whole plate and this was about the 8th thing they had brought out to us. We made room it was that good!




The last two things pictured below were both so good, I couldn’t pick just one to show off.

First the Fried Chicken 3.0 made with a pickle brined, black pepper and honey chicken thigh. And I’m a fan of pickles, it was just the right amount of sourness to make the pepper and honey sweeten it up and give it a kick.




Next, some smoked baby back pork ribs doused with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. YUM! Dr. Pepper AND BBQ ribs?  They kept all the goodness coming and let me eat all of it, I felt like I was in heaven.




And last but certainly not least, they presented me with the ultimate dessert lovers dream. A build your own popcorn sundae with dulce de leche ice cream, salted caramel popcorn, bourbon cherries, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, vanilla whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

I had you at dessert, right. That picture speaks so much love about that dessert, definitely going to go back for more of that!




And a picture of my favorite Karaoke room, themed like a vintage Nintendo 64 Mario. Which features free Karaoke Sundays- Thursdays until 7pm. And they have 7 rooms themed like  Black Metal to Space for you to choose from.




The Highball is a happy place, a place to relax with your friends, share a song, eat some ribs. I know you’ll have a good time. I always do! When you go, let them know that Dine With Shayda sent you.  Enjoy!

Shayda Torabi

The Highball

The HighBall Austin

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‚ÄúDine With Shayda Reviews The Highball – a place to relax with friends, share a song, eat some ribs. You’ll have a good time. Check out their new menu.


Free Karaoke Sundays 10pm-2am.

They also have 7 rooms themed like Black Metal to Space for you to choose from.  

See other Events – Karaoke