Homemade Poptarts and Matcha Lattes at The Factory

Who: The Factory

What: Mural-decked cafe with inventive coffee drinks & chicken ‘n’ waffles, plus beer & wine.

When: 9am – 2am Everyday

Where: Allandale, 7718 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

Why: If you find yourself in North Austin, be sure to make time to swing by The Factory for a cup of coffee or tea and a bite to eat. This cafe recently opened in the Northcross Mall shopping area and is one of Austin’s most talked about cafe’s.

Upon walking in you’re greeted with lots of places to sit and lounge, from tall tables, to corner nooks filled with pillows, to two beautiful custom swings that are situated right in the middle of The Factory. This is a perfect place to catch up with friends, or grab a nice quiet bite to eat while you indulge yourself in a book.

You better think twice about coming here for the Wi-Fi though because they don’t have any. I haven’t confirmed, but I would like to think it has something to do with encouraging you to do something other than sit on your computer. Not that you can’t get work done there, just not the online type of work.

On the menu you’ll find things broken down by “The Factory Superstars” which include things like the signature Matcha Latte, and a drink called the Cocoa Chanel, a hot cocoa made with Valrhona 85% dark chocolate bar. Next is “The Classics”, you’ll find cortados, espressos, pour overs, and americanos.

They offer a few sweet and savory waffles like the Nutella Banana Waffle and the famous chicken waffle. The Nutella one is made with a golden waffle smothered with a generous amount of Nutella, then covered with sliced fresh bananas. The famous chicken waffle is made with fresh, never frozen, fried chicken on a golden waffle. And I would be remiss not to mention they do offer beer and wine, and are open till 2am every day!

So suggest The Factory for your next study group, or bring a stack of papers to grade, because you’ll want to grab a waffle or homemade poptart and latte at this hip Austin Cafe stat.

What to order: You can not pass up an opportunity to eat one of their homemade poptarts. Covered in crystal sugars, and filled with fresh jam inside, you will want at least one of these to yourself!



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homemade poptart at the factory