The Best Fast Casual on Las Vegas Strip

The best fast casual on The Las Vegas strip is hands down Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips off The Linq Promenead. While it’s fast casual, it’s on the *pricer* side, meaning you may walk away spending $50+ for two but the amount of food you’ll get will justify the price tag and I promise you rivals any of the high end restaurants you could choose to dine at, without the gratuitous atmosphere and environment.

We stayed at The Linq, which is a newer hotel on the strip that features a buzzy promenade full of restaurants, shopping, booze and activity (think zip lining and a giant enclosed wheel). So we had been exploring the food and drink scene during our stay, but we saved the best for last. Really, it was one of our last meals and had I had it at the beginning of our trip it might have been the only place we ate at.

I mean, it is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, so you know the quality is there from his fast casual to his 5 stars.

Anyways, super simple menu, fish and chips are the mainstay, but other features are the lobster and shrimp, there’s also chicken and sausage, but IMO I would stick to the seafood options. You get a few types of fries to pick from, we went with the aptly named Dirty #2 with parmesan, truffle and chive. They offer homemade lemonades that you can spike with Vodka or Tequila, which anytime I see spiked homemade lemonade I’m in!

For two people, we spent roughly $60 and this is what we got:
A fish and chips (regular, sea salt), sriracha aioli and dijon mayo sauces, plus a ginger peach tequila spiked lemonade. And a lobster and shrimp combo, with Dirty #2 fries, and a blueberry tequila spiked lemonade.

Highly worth it, extremely delicious, good portions, great flavor, fun atmosphere right off the Las Vegas strip!