Texas Monthly BBQ Fest 2017

(Thank you YouTube for the great thumbnail selections, I promise this was the best one) If you know anything about Texans and their Barbecue, then you know the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ list is a coveted thing to be a part of. And as a Texan, it’s basically BBQ bible when it comes to whose line I go stand in for brisket and ribs. But, as a Texan. I also question the line altogether. When I want great BBQ, is the hype even worth it? It took one trip to Franklin BBQ 3 years ago to make me a believer. Maybe it is the buzz of a line, the waiting, the build up, or maybe it is in fact, these guys know how to turn a piece of meat into a masterpiece. I remember just savoring every single bite that day as if it had been sent down by God himself. And so now I’m a convert, I totally buy into the hype, I love the rivalry, the competition. The ultimate quest to be the best. And I will travel all over Texas to get my hands on whatever lineup the list produces. Plus it’s a fun tradition of mine that I bring my friends and family along for the ride of crossing off our states best. Once a year though, Texas Monthly throws a festival to rival all other food festivals. An event dedicated totally to THE LIST. And it’s the one time a year when the best of Texas, come to me right here in Austin. I’m talking the famous, and currently touted in first place, Snow’s BBQ. Cattleack BBQ (3rd), Evie Mae’s (9th), Tejas Chocoalte Craftory (6th), and Louie Mueller (5th) to name a few. Of course Austin has some great representation on the list too with Franklin BBQ (2nd), La BBQ, Stiles Switch, Micklethwait (8th), Valentina’s Tex Mex, and Terry Blacks. Wow that was a mouthful! And that’s exactly how this festival made me feel, meat sweats was an absolute real thing, and it was of course welcomed. I mean hey, if you can’t overindulge on literally Texas’ best BBQ then do you even BBQ? I made a little VLOG, it’s above. It’s my first video blog so be kind, but if you want a feel for the fest and total meat porn. Then please view, subscribe, share! I’d love to hear about your favorite BBQ spots, so join me on Instagram @DineWithShayda. And watch my insta stories for behind the scenes deets of what goes on during these events!