Hello from deep in the heart of Texas 🤠 As a born and raised Austinite, it’s been absolutely incredible to see how our state and local communities are rallying to support those effected by COVID-19 closest to home ❤️ It’s why I’m excited to partner with @HEB on the #TexansHelpingTexans campaign to help shine a light on all the great efforts we are doing as Texans, and be an extension of the generosity, love, and support that is overflowing from the lone star state. Through this effort, I will be posting helpful cooking and food insights – ranging from tips and tricks to my favorite ways to support locally. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear how YOU are helping other Texans. Join the movement and use the hashtag – #TexansHelpingTexans – and let me and @heb know!

Just grabbing a little snack before bed 🤪🍇
My fridge is looking a little empty these days and I’m trying to keep my social distance while also nourishing my body! I’ve been craving lots of veggies, fruits, and nuts. But with fresh produce it’s hard to keep surplus around so I’ve been having to get creative in between @heb trips. Thankfully my absolute go to meal during this time is as easy as oil, salt and pepper, and bake at 350 degrees 😇 I’ll roast some protein and veggies, and turn it into breakfast (just add an egg!), lunch (over a bed of greens— like spinach), or dinner— (just add a BBQ sauce) 😋 and it’s filling, it tastes good, and my favorite part— it’s easy! And while we’re all trying to adjust to the new normal, we could use as many “easy” decisions as possible. How are you getting by in the kitchen? Next master chef 👩🏼‍🍳 or just trying to keep the bellies full? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Will you accept this *virtual* hug? 🤗

Every day I see more and more GOOD happening as a result of this dark time 🌈 Yes the future is uncertain right now, but humans are showing up for other humans in big (and small but meaningful) ways, and it’s truly warming my heart to see how @hebhas been a leader inspiring #TexansHelpingTexans because it’s been inspiring me to think of ways that I can show up for my community too! ✨
Some things that I’ve been practicing this week to inspire positive impact:
〰️ SUPPORT LOCAL: whether it’s ordering curbside/delivery from one of the restaurants still operating (check out my friend @atasteofkoko who has a great list of who is open) or when you’re ordering groceries you’re supporting Texas brands- some of my favorites and pantry staples are @sietefoods@culinayogurt, and @malkorganics — it’s important to reinvest back into our local economy so when this is all done we still have these businesses around! 🌮🌯🥡
〰️ ACKNOWLEDGE EVERYONE: this is a weird time y’all… we’re being taught to distance ourselves which is making everyone extra cautious, I get it. But I’ve been trying to put some kindness back into the world by acknowledging everyone who I come in 6ft distance with— picking up groceries, on the trail walking, and yes even those people you mindlessly scroll past on IG! We are ALL going through something so let’s practice kindness extra especially these days 👋🏼🥰🙏🏼
〰️ MAKE THE MOST OF THIS TIME: sorry to call it like I see it, but this is the ~new normal~ 🙃 (shouting this paragraph to myself)!! I’m not saying you gotta love what’s happening, it is TOUGH on your brain, heart, health, finances, etc and my mind can’t even fully wrap around what is happening! I gettttt it, but as my mom always likes to say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”, which translated means think about where you want to go, like really truly think of what you CAN do to get through this. Though times are uncertain all you can do is exist in the now and PLAN for the future. To make that digestible for you, find one thing that you CAN impact and focus on that every day. Be consistent. One day at a time, we will get through this 💫

See all the great things HEB is up to at #TexansHelpingTexans and if you’re inspired, be sure to use the # and tag @HEB!