Tamale House East -some of the most tasty tex mex!

Let’s talk about Tamale House East for a moment. Of all the things this place could be it is delicious and it serves up some of the most tasty tex mex this side of I-35. This chill, laid back, popular East Austin (1707 E 6th St. Austin, TX 78702) tamale house is situated on a tucked back lot with a beautiful whimsical outdoor patio full of flowers and overcast by trees. Offering tamales and tacos and everything in between this is one place you need to get to stat!

Tamale House East


It’s no surprise the secret is out about Tamale House East, the Austin family operating it has been around for over 50 years operating tex mex restaurants. But Tamale House East is a precursor to the original Tamale House #3 which officially closed when founder Bobbie Vasquez’s passed away in 2014. Tamale House East is run by Vasquez’s niece and nephews and still carries on that Vasquez tamale house tradition we’ve come to know and love here in Austin.




Inside you will find lines, especially during lunch. However it is absolutely worth the wait! We happened to be in on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Austin so people were out enjoying the awesome weather. They also had a sweet little folk band playing non traditional Mexican music, it made waiting in line less dreadful.




Once you make it to the front of the line the choice is all yours. You can order things like breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast. I love to mix and match breakfast and lunch items and get a little bit of everything, because let’s be honest, we want what we want when we want it!

After you place your order, take your number, grab some salsa from their salsa bar, and pick a seat.




When I come here what I’m getting are tamales, they really all are delicious so whatever your poison is, pick one or two or three! Another favorite of mine is the migas taco, basically migas and queso, but if you’ve ever thought you had a previous favorite migas taco, this one will probably beat it!




So once I order my delicious meal, I mosey on over to the outside patio, because who doesn’t want to sit under canopy’s of trees surrounded by beautiful flowers greenery on a gorgeous Austin day?

It’s a pretty big patio so you have plenty of seating options outside, they also offer seating inside if you’d rather beat the Texas heat. And with their quirky folk texicana decor, every seat is a good seat.




Pictured above is a chicken and tomatillo tamale. The bold tomatillo flavored the chicken so well that it was a bite after bite slam dunk of flavor. This one is a serious must whenever I come here.




Another favorite they are known for are their breakfast tacos. Pictured is the bacon, egg and cheese taco. And to those of you who think how can this be any different than any other breakfast taco, well you just don’t understand the Austin breakfast taco game. It’s game on at Tamale House East!




And finally to close out this food adventure are the wonderful migas tacos! There is just something about these tacos that keeps me coming back again and again. Migas are typically made with scrambled eggs, onion, tomato, chili, tortilla chips and Tamale House East added queso. I hope you get to come try their food soon!

Tamale House East – www.facebook.com/tamalehouse.east

East: 1707 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

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