Sunday Brunch at Foreign & Domestic


Do you know what my favorite thing to do is? If you said brunch, you’ve guessed right. (But if you also guessed happy hour, you’d also be right!)

Well I’m here to share another brunch for you to add to your rotation. Only on Sundays, Foreign & Domestic offers a menu that I promise is going to satisfy any craving that you could possibly have.

I was invited in to try the brunch menu, and so I grabbed my gal pal FoodFash, and made plans to visit one Sunday.

Be forewarned, the menu is very carb-y. Like you *could* avoid it, but you wouldn’t want to because you’re going to want to order the gruyere and cheddar popovers. And the fried chicken biscuit, which is topped with the most pop-able egg.

I mean, all you have to do is scroll below. And I’m not sorry for making you hungry right now. 🙂 But note that walk ins are welcome, but you can make reservations! Happy Sunday Brunching!!!