Southern Happy Hour at Olamaie

Who: Olamaie

What: Happy hour and bar food

When: Starting at 5pm everyday

Where: 1610 San Antonio Street Austin, TX 78701

Why: Think about your happy place, does it involve colorful bowls of punch and delicious southern bites? If it doesn’t, it should! And Olamaie is serving it up every day starting at 5pm when you dine on their beautiful wrap around porch.

It’s picturesque, the porch is white, and the drinks are flowing. It’s the kind of place you’ll want to grab a seat and stay a while. And Chef Michael Fojtasek has crafted dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Olamaie is known for their southern menu, in fact the restaurant is named after 5 generations of women in Fojtasek’s family. It’s got a sense of history and charm to it, but is updated by the delicate presentation of everything on the menu from the bar nuts, to the Slugburgers.

So when Olamaie had a little party for a few blogger friends and I, we couldn’t help but fall in love with everything we were seeing and eating. A few favorites of mine from the night were the Chanel No. 5 punch bowl, it was a bright pink drink made with dry gin, rose aperitif, creme de cassis, orange bitters, and sparkling wine. I was also a big fan of the chicken wings, and the pickled shrimp remoulade.

Think favorite southern bites like, pickled okra, pimento sandwiches, deviled eggs, and fish dips. And when you’re done on the porch you can mozy on inside and keep the celebrating going.

Plan your next happy hour on their patio before the Texas heat kicks in, now is the perfect time to go see them!

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Hollywood Scorpion Bowl and some bar snacks


Chicken wings with a sorghum chili glaze and a buttermilk creme fraiche


Pickled Shrimp Remoulade with shrimp boil powder and benne seed crackers


Fish dip with a hoe cake and pickles


Slugburger made with mustard on a benne bun


Deviled eggs with Milagro farm fresh eggs and pickled mustard seeds