9th Annual SFC Farm to Plate Event

Sustainable food center farm to plate 2016

Who: Sustainable Food Center’s Annual fundraising event called Farm to Plate

What: Over 30 of Austin’s most acclaimed chefs preparing delicious food from locally sourced products 

When: May, 11 2016

Where: Barr Mansion at 10463 Sprinkle Road, Austin, Texas 78754

Why: Sustainable Food Center (SFC) is an Austin non-profit organization whose mission is “to cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. SFC envisions a food-secure community where all children and adults grow, share, and prepare healthy, local food.” 

Once a year SFC holds a beautiful fundraising dinner at Barr Mansion in partnership with some of Austin’s top chefs and restauranteurs to raise awareness and celebrate SFC’s local farmers. It’s a special event and a must-attend for anyone who appreciates what SFC has done for the community of Austin. And the added bonus is you get to see some of Austin’s most respected in the kitchen turn out and cook you something memorable.

I was invited to attend by my sweet friend Allison at Brenda Thompson PR. Who obviously knew that I would love attending something like this, so thank you for the opportunity! 

This year, among the 30 chefs who participated, were some of my favorite restaurants– Sway, Café No Sé and Lick. While I loved getting to see them in their element, I think everyone who participated did an amazing job that was unique to their restaurant and showcased local ingredients. 

Each chef prepares one dish and there are two large buildings filled with restaurant stations. You’re given one plate, and encouraged to keep it and reuse it (sustainable!) and you can go back to each station as many times as you’d like during the event. It was a really great opportunity to connect with so many chefs. I spend so much time eating out at their restaurants that the chance to see them in a stripped down atmosphere is really special. That and they’re helping to support the SFC and raise awareness too! 

If you ever get the chance to attend an SFC event you must go, it’s a great way to connect to the local Austin food community and learn how the food goes from farm to table.