Atomically Delicious Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Picture yourself sitting on South Congress, you’ve got great boutiques, restaurants, and a million dollar view of the Austin city skyline. It’s the perfect backdrop for an Ice Cream shop, and that’s where I met the couple behind The Science Cream.


In a retrofitted shipping container (that they built and painted themselves!), The Science Cream is Austin’s first Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream shop, and it’s run by husband and wife duo Pam and Andy Vaca.

Pam has a background in baking delicious baked goods, and Andy has a background in science. They were trying to think of ways they could blend their passions together, and one day Andy came home with some liquid nitrogen and that was all it took. 

Mixing, trying, tasting and sampling a multitude of flavors and combinations for what would soon become a business endeavor they would embark on. They shared their idea with their friends and family and it was a hit. Realizing they could make small batch, customizable flavors, they thought this was the perfect business opportunity. And since no one in Austin was doing liquid nitrogen ice cream at the time, they wanted to bring the fun to town!

They’re big fans of the passionate food trailer community in Austin, and decided that would be the perfect fit for their business. The cool aesthetic of the shipping containers with the nerdiness of their liquid nitrogen processed ice creams was the perfect combination. 

Their menu is seasonal, which allows Pam and Andy to have flavors be inspired by what they can find in the markets. They love to use local, organic and natural flavors so you’ll never see anything processed. And because it is liquid nitrogen, it’s gonna be some of the creamiest ice cream you ever had because of the rate at which the ice crystallizes. It’s fun for all ages, and when the liquid nitrogen is poured into the bowl, a big plume of smoke billows out. It’s really fun to watch.

In addition to ice cream, they offer house made brownies, crepes, and churros, which of course can be topped with a scoop or two. And with flavors like minted beets, made with fresh mint. Or strawberry cheesecake with creme cheese and fresh strawberries. You will love every last bite! 

They have two locations, one at S. Congress and Annie street, and one in The Midway food trailer park in Westlake. 

When you go, be sure to tell them Dine With Shayda sent you, and follow me on Instagram at @DineWithShayda for my daily food adventures. 

Shayda Torabi