Rudys BBQ -oak wood smoked meats and special spices.

Once upon a time in 1989, Rudys Country Store & BBQ was born right outside of San Antonio, Texas in a town called Leon Springs. Originally only a gas station and grocery, Founder Rudolph Aue decided to add the BBQ to the menu in ’89 with signature 100% oak wood smoked meats combined with special spices and the rest is history. 


Rudy Country Store and BBQ


Here you will find the best BBQ in Austin.

There are now over 34 locations in 5 states including Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

Today Rudy’s locations feature the grocery store with basics like Milk, Bread and Beer as well as gas stations and all offer Rudy’s famous smoked meats.

Rudy’s is open family style seating offering guests to step on in and step in line, all of course with their added Texas Hospitality. What you see in front of you in the picture below is their condiment station, you can help yourself to onions, pickles, and Bar-B-Q sauce!


Rudys Barbecue


The Rudy’s decorum features local artwork and graphics as well as neon beer signage. And on every table is a bottle of Rudy’s famous Bar-B-Q Sauce and famous it is. Famously delicious with a hot kick and sweet punch perfect for dipping their brisket into.


Rudys Murral


As you step in line you are greeted with the first wave of menu items, the sides. Now I have had everything at Rudy’s and my absolute favorites that you can not pass up, are the Cream Corn and Beans.

PS: Make sure while you’re passing the refrigerated section you pick up a Banana pudding!


Rudys Ordering Line


Finally at the front of the line you are greeted by a Rudy’s team member and they love to ask if it is your first time or not. They’re really sweet that way because if it is your first time it can get a bit confusing having to decide through so much goodness on the menu, but they definitely have your back. Pointing things out like their specialty Cutters Choice brisket and St. louis pork ribs.


Rudys Menu


When it is all said and done you find yourself sitting amongst the sea of red gingham you unwrap your pack and inside is this heaping glory. What you’ll see below is some chopped brisket, moist brisket with the fat trimmed off, beans, half a chicken, cream corn, and cole slaw.

Rudy’s gives you some extra white butcher’s paper, paper bowls and plasticware and it’s time to go to town digging into your family style meal.


Rudys BBQ and Fixin's


And if you’re smart like me, you always order just a little extra so you can take some to go for leftovers!


Dine with Shayda at Rudys BBQ

One of the best BBQ joints in Austin!

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— Shayda Torabi

Rudy Country Store & BBQ

Rudys BBQ


“Dine with Shayda Reviews Rudys BBQ – Best BBQ in town. BBQ was added to their  menu in ’89 with signature 100% oak wood smoked meats and the rest is history.”

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Rudies Barbecue

34 locations/5 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)