Round Rock Donuts – Round Rock, TX

Round Rock Donuts -a very large Texas sized treat.

Known for their famous orange colored Donuts, Round Rock Donuts draws in crowds from the time they open in the morning till the time they close. Featuring a walk in and drive thru, the location just under the Round Rock water tower can always be seen spotting a crowd or two on the hunt for the deliciously warm treat.


Round Rock Donuts


Originally founded in 1926 under the name Lone Star Bakery, it was originally located on Main Street in downtown Round Rock. It then moved a couple of blocks over to the current West Liberty Avenue location.

The bakery offers their signature donut, donut holes and a very large Texas sized treat. They also offer signature designed tea cookies cut into seasonal shapes, kolaches, and other assortments of donuts.

Their original donuts are famous for their color, but it is nothing short of some food coloring. Originally thought to have been made with very rich orange yolk, some say they even used to use larger Duck eggs to get it that orange shade. But all are stories I’ve heard through the grape vine so I’m not too sure what is fact or fiction.

What I do know is that their donuts are delicious and worth whatever wait just to have one of them ooey gooey and hot in your hand.

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— Shayda Torabi

Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts

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“Dine With Shayda Reviews Round Rock Donuts – Known for their famous orange colored donuts.  They are delicious warm and worth the wait.