Rolling in Thyme -cafe bakery featuring fresh sandwiches.

Weekend mornings are for adventures. Whether you’re venturing down the block, or venturing out across the state, my adventures generally involve finding good food. And that’s just what we did one morning over the weekend. We set out for Dripping Springs which is a little under an hour from Downtown Austin but will transform into the beautiful rolling hills of the hill country. I had heard great things about this bakery and cafe called Rolling in Thyme & Dough so I put the address into Google Maps and we were on our way.


Rolling in Thyme Interior


Sitting just outside Austin in Dripping Springs, you can pop in here on your way to winery tours, hiking at Pedernales Falls, or just for a fun food trip from Downtown. Salt Lick is just down the road too! Upon arrival you’re greeted by this big patio with sun shades in different fabric colors hung across the yard. It’s a hodge podge place that feels like you’re walking into your aunt’s kitchen to get some down to earth home good cooking. 

And good cooking it is, in fact it’s great! The vibe is casual and artsy, different art adorns the walls in the rooms which you can purchase, and there is an abundance of baked goods that you’ll want to try. 

I had my eyes set on the croissant sandwich which featured egg, cheese and pesto, and for an added charge you could add meat (sausage, ham, bacon). I opted for ham, because ham and cheese just makes so much sense in my brain. But if I’m being honest, they all would have probably been just as delicious as the one I got. Basically, go there, order that, you won’t be sorry. 


Rolling in Thyme Croissant Sandwich


The atmosphere was welcoming, like I said it felt like I was at a family friend’s house. It was like you were pulling a seat up at their kitchen table and they were whipping up homemade goodness right in front of you. The only part missing was me watching them make it, but I will for sure drive back to Dripping Springs for Rolling in Thyme & Dough. 

So, stop on by next time you’re in the neighborhood. In the summer months I can see the patio action being a perfect place to wind down after a day of hiking or drinking! 

Make sure when you go to Rolling in Thyme & Dough, you tell them Dine With Shayda sent you!  And let me know what your favorite thing to eat was @dinewithshayda. I’ve got my eye on a piece of pie next time! 

— Shayda Torabi

Rolling in Thyme & Dough

Rolling in Thyme

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“Dine with Shayda reviews Rolling Thyme – feels like you’re walking into your aunt’s kitchen to get some down to earth home good cooking. And good it is! -cafe bakery featuring fresh sandwiches.”