Partying on the Ranch 616 Patio

Question: Have you been to Ranch 616 before?

Yes? Then feel free to scroll down to the delicious food photos. You know what’s up 🙂

No? Good thing I’m about to share why you should give them a chance next time you find yourself either wanting 1. A great patio space with delicious food or 2. Find yourself on West 6th street and wondering where to eat. 3. Ranch Water.

Austinites know how to appreciate a good Patio party. And the patio at Ranch 616 is the patio you want to be partying on. Seriously! It’s a block from 6th street, and is has these big neon signs calling your name, making sure you can spot it from a mile away. But if you happen to have missed the calling, well now you know.

The vibe and cuisine is southern style ice house, which means it’s a little bit of everything with a southern flare. Animal heads are hung on the wall draped in christmas lights, prayer candles have been transformed into drinking glasses. And on the menu you’ll find a lot of seafood, Mexican style dishes, and lots of tequila on hand.

Which in my world, is pretty much supreme.

One of the things that is synonymous with drinking in Austin is the sweet heavenly nectar of Topo Chico (which by the way Austin has a cult following with) it’s a great chaser, mixer, and really anytime beverage. At the end of the day, it is sparkling water, but add a splash of lime and you have yourself one of the most refreshing beverages on the planet, at least according to Austinites.

Ranch 616 took that sparkling beverage and injected some life into it by adding Patron Citronge and Hornitos Reposado Tequila, they dubbed the beverage Ranch Water, and the rest is history.

So enjoying Ranch Water, sitting on the patio, snacking on grilled shrimp and frog legs doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend some time. By the way, as you can tell from the pics, this is a *perfect* place for large groups. Not only is the patio accommodating, but they offer delicious platters of food that are great for sharing.

And of course, after writing this, looking at the photos, all I want is to be eating a quesadilla and sipping on a ice cold beverage al fresco. Please go do it for me!