Opal Divines -good place to grab a beer & a bite to eat.

Opal Divines is a name locals know as a good place to grab a beer and a bite to eat. We’ve celebrated birthdays there and enjoyed late nights on the patio with good friends. With 3 locations, it’s easy to find an Opals near you no matter what kind of Austinite you are. And with a brand new menu launching today, there’s a whole new reason to head to Opal Divines!

Opal Divines

I was invited to cover the new menu with a few of my food friends and we were pleasantly surprised when we found out the founder and co-owner of Opal Divines Michael Parker would be joining us to walk through their new menu offerings. 


The whole theme of the night was to show off the best alcohol pairing with the menu items. It was a great presentation because Opal’s is known for their beer and alcohol menu so knowing what they suggest to pair with some of the new menu items was really fun and helpful.




Immediately upon joining us, Michael Parker was happily answering our questions about “Where the name Opal Divine’s come from?” or “What was the inspiration behind a particular dish” that we would be served during the night.

Opal Divine is the name of Parker’s wife Susan’s grandmother.

And having wanted to get into the bar and grill industry, they couldn’t think of a more fitting name than opening it in her spirit. So in 2000, Opal Divine’s was born.


Another reason to come to Opals, they love showing off local vendors. Opal Divine prides itself at serving 100% hormone free Angus beef and natural chicken breast cooked in trans-fat free oils.  They also use fresh natural ingredients that are produced locally whenever they can.


So you guessed it, their bar is stocked full of vodkas, tequilas and locally brewed beer. Not to forget, their tequilas are all 100% agave.



The new menu launches Today and you can take a sneak peak at it here: Brunch, Lunch and DinnerDrinks.




One of my favorite things from the night was the braised pork ribs coated with bourbon BBQ sauce, you could taste the brown sugar and the bourbon gave it a kick.  Another star was the new Billy Goat burger, made with goat cheese, slice of vine ripe tomato, arugula and bacon onion jam served on a whole wheat bun.

I think regular visitors and new comers will enjoy Opals for forging their own path by making sure they put their patrons first by serving up some good food with a good heart.




Please check out their new menu’s: Brunch, Lunch and Dinner, Drinks. And enjoy a meal on one of their many beautiful patios at one of their uniquely Austin locations. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And when you go, tell the Dine With Shayda Sent you.

Shayda Torabi

Opal Divines

Opal Divines

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“I was invited to cover the new menu  at Opal Divines with a few of my food friends and we were pleasantly surprised.The whole theme of the night was to show off the best alcohol pairing with the menu items.


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