NoCo6 Hemp Expo 2019 Takeaways

Northern Colorado Hemp Expo saw 10,000 people walk through the doors. Produced with the help of sponsors GenCanna and Elixinol, the event was a large gathering of people passionate over hemp from far beyond Colorado’s state boarders.

Over 60+ speakers educating on policy, wellness, marketing, and agriculture taking place over two full days. This was the largest crowd NoCo has seen in their 6 years operating, and the future for hemp burns bright.

Compared to its sister plant Marijuana, Hemp not only has highly touted medicinal abilities. But extends into agriculture, fiber, protein, and so much more.

It’s what excites me the most about building RESTART CBD, we really have this huge opportunity to influence a new market.

The event ran for two days with a business track Friday and a farm symposium Saturday. There was a trade show going on both days with vendors sampling, promoting, and educating anyone willing to stop by.

I attended the business conference. I was most intrigued to learn about the current political state, any FDA and regulatory guidelines, and what the future is for organic hemp farming.

It was a jam packed agenda but offered a lot of insight into the current market trends and if CO is any indication of what’s to come, Texas should stand by because of all the agricultural opportunities with Texas soil when Texas legalizes the growth of industrial hemp. Which for the record as of now you can sell and purchase CBD oil in Texas, but you can not grow industrial hemp, yet.

On Saturday while the farm symposium was going on, I attended the trade show portion. It was like any traditional trade show, except instead of stress balls and start up t-shirts, there were caramel edibles from Restorative Botanicals, CBD protein bars from EVO Hemp, which are one of my newly favorite addictions. I picked up CBD oil samples from Ambary Gardens, Veritas Farms, and Bluebird Botanicals. Herb A Lites and Gold Standard CBD were passing out CBD Joints. And Mary’s Nutritionals and Wholemade Bath Co. had the hookup on skincare products!

It was a great experience to soak up. I was a sponge asking everyone as many questions as I could. I wanted to know about farming and what brands had their own farms. Are the farms outdoor grows or indoor grows? What extraction methods are used and what is the best kind? I wanted to know more about full spectrum versus isolate based oil and why isolate gets a bad rep. What are excellent ranges for CBD % in those products? I asked for COA’s and samples so I could do my best to understand what the range of products exist in the market place today look like.

And the reality is, I got a lot of varying answers! Somethings I’m dedicated to learning and solving on my own. Like personally tasting as many products as I can and looking into the quality and potency of those products. And some things the market is going to dictate as it evolves.

Just know if you’re interested in a CBD product to do your own research and go into it with an open mind. Depending on how things are grown, extracted, formulated, and dosed, will vary how effective any given particular product can be. I hope to continue to share my discoveries through this account and especially on @withshayda in real time.

This was my first cannabis conference but I’m already eager to go to more and just connect with the many moving pieces in this industry, and can’t wait to see more development in my home state of Texas!

Thanks NoCo6 2019, and here’s to seeing you bloom even bigger next year!