Noble Sandwich Company -showing off their stacking skills.

Noble Sandwich Co. (The Noble Pig) is one of Austin’s hottest new sandwich shops and it was founded by two friends John Bates and Brandon Martinez who had a passion for good quality food that that tasted good too. Noble Sandwich Co. is a charcuterie meat shop serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with house cured meats and pickled vegetables.



Noble Sandwich Company - Austin, Texas


I first heard about Noble Sandwiches when it opened up at their original location off of 620 and Anderson Mill in 2010. It was on my way to my parents and I remember it being very unassuming hidden tucked away in a sleepy shopping center. Over time the name began to be synonymous with some of the best sandwiches in Austin.

Fast forward 5 years and the friends have 2 locations one near the original location off 620 at 12233 Ranch Rd 620 N #105 and a recently opened one off Burnet Road at 4805 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX.

They have a simple interior with a seat yourself kind of system going. The pro tip is to have someone go sit and find a table while the rest of the party stands in line and orders. That way you know you have a place to sit when it’s time to dig in.




As you can see there was a line, this was about 1pm on a Saturday, but it was constant and it was long. Took us about 15 min to get through it, which wasn’t bad, but just know, this is a very popular establishment!




Since this is a sandwich shop after all they really show off when it comes to their stacking skills. The ones that made them famous are the Smoked Duck Pastrami, with rye pickles and russian dressing. Or what about their Knuckle Sandwich with roast beef, horseradish, onion, cheddar + au jus. Mouthwatering!




They also offered some tasty treats including caramel bacon popcorn and these mini lemon raspberry and chocolate bacon tarts.


The Noble Pig Sandwich


I ended up with their namesake, The Noble Pig, made with spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone, spicy mustard, mayo and bacon. It was heaven between two slices of bread.

These guys really know how to elevate a sandwich with some of the highest quality ingredients. It also important to point out Chef and Founder John Bates was the one bussing tables and bringing people out their orders (respectively!). I think it is so awesome to see when Chefs connect with their restaurants like that. You can tell a lot of passion goes into what they’re doing.

Definitely worth a visit next time you’re in the 620 or Burnet Road areas.

And when you go, be sure to tell them Dine With Shayda sent you! And let me know what you thoughts are @dinewithshayda.

— Shayda Torabi

Noble Sandwich Company

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“Dine with Shayda reviews Noble Sandwich Company – Formerly Noble Pig. An elevated  sandwich shop with some of the highest quality ingredients.”