A Night Tasting Jenna’s Asian Cuisine

Jenna’s Asian Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in town. I’m partially biased because it’s up in North Austin in my part of town, but in all honesty, their food is good. And I crave it all the time. 

I spent an event at Jenna’s with some fellow foodies where we had, I kid you not, a 17-course family style meal with wine pairings. It was epic, and Jenna, her husband Min, and Min’s sister Ha Na, took the most excellent care of us. 

We started the meal with their delectable crab rangoons, salt & pepper baby octopus, summer rolls, and Thai curry mussels. It’s hard for me to pick one item to zoom in on, the crab rangoons are made with real crab, not canned crab, and they are fried little pillows that, when dipped in their sweet and sour sauce, come alive with flavor. Another favorite is their summer rolls, it’s made with such bright colors from the purple cabbage, to the orange carrots. Wrapped tightly and presented alongside a peanut sauce, these are almost too pretty to eat. But I devoured them!

Next grouping of food was from their Brunch menu. I love the idea of Asian style brunch, and at Jenna’s you can guarantee it’s going to be a mix of comfort food while pushing the envelope. The flavors all come together so nicely, from the kimchi deviled eggs, the kimchee gives the eggs a kick and really helps elevate a typical deviled egg. We also had oxtail omurice (a type of omelette usually topped with ketchup, Jenna’s tops their with spicy ketchup), eggs benedict and a beautiful sake bloody mary. Talk about presentation!

The main course was a series of Dinner items that were grouped and paired with wine and sake. We had Hoedeopbap, salt & pepper shrimp and honey walnut shrimp paired with a Tozai Typhoon Sake. Lump crab & crawfish fried rice, fried Sichuan whole fish and a steamed whole fish paired with Riebeek cellars Chenin blanc. The final group was kimchi fried rice, dolsot bibimbap, and galbi steak paired with Evs Windblown. 

Some highlights of the dinner portion were the Hoedeopbap, which was a combination of fresh cut fish into cubes, with steamed rice and fresh vegetables. Give it a mix and it’s a nice light, flavorful, fresh dish. I also really enjoyed the fried Sichuan and steamed whole fish. The presentation of those was just outstanding, and you could tell how Jenna’s Asian Kitchen wants to provide various Asian cuisines that they have mastered marrying together. 

As if all of that wasn’t special enough, Jenna herself had handmade caramel sugars topped into homemade sake sorbet with a miles of chocolate brownie to balance the tang with a cut of creamy brownie. 

You can not go wrong with a visit to this place. They’re open every day, for brunch on the weekends, and lunch and dinner every day. Please go visit Jenna, Min and Ha Na, and tell them Dine With Shayda sent you!

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