New Years Eve 2018

New Years Eve 2018 Reading Time: 2 minutes

2018 ended the exact way it was supposed to. Not because I tried to make it as perfectly me as possible. But because despite trying to do that, it inevitably worked out, and I had a wonderfully fun night to close out the year in true style. In 2018 I recognize I had everything I needed and nothing I did not. I always lived in abundance of love. And while I didn’t always practice kindness towards others, I’m choosing to be more aware of how I can extend more of it in 2019.

I want to fear less. Be more intentional. Prepared. Educated. Understand myself more deeply. And discover happiness in what is mine and not sorrow for what is not.


Shayda Torabi

Shayda Torabi is the Owner and Blogger behind Dine With Shayda. She is a born and raised Austinite with an obsession with good food. She works full time for WebDevStudios, a WordPress agency, as Director of Marketing where she travels the globe building relationships (usually over food) in the digital community.

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