Napa Flats -made from scratch, wood-fired Italian kitchen.

Wow. Just wow! Napa Flats has blown my mind. I visited them for an early Valentine celebration with my boyfriend on a Friday afternoon, and it was more than we ever could have imagined this newly opened restaurant could be. (We had high hopes, but it’s a new place and we didn’t know what to expect.)


Napa Flats Austin Dining Room


Tucked away in a new phase of a shopping center development off 620 near Concordia University Austin (my alma mater!) Napa Flats is new to the neighborhood but they are cooking up a storm. Their decor is trendy and the dining space is bright and open. You can see from the kitchen to the patio and yet it still feel like you are the only ones in the room. The vibe is fun and lively, perfect for date night to family night. 

From the moment we arrived we were being wooed by Napa Flats. And apparently they were wooing other people too–  at 5pm on a Friday the place was already bustling. Their patio was full (to take advantage of their awesome happy hour) and the dining room was filling up so we asked for a seat by the window and our adventure was underway. 

We started the meal with their wood fired avocados, on a bed of corn salsa and drizzled with a Chimichurri sauce and their spicy Chonburi Shrimp. Both were excellent and I will be ordering them again! The wood fire gives the avocados a smoked taste, and the salsa is so fresh it just pairs well in your mouth. The Shrimp were spicy, and that slaw was the perfect touch to balance it out. 


Napa Flats Wood Fired Avocados

They’re a scratch kitchen, so they make much of their menu in house with fresh ingredients. From the mozzarella to the 13 flavors of gelato, those are just some of the extra touches Napa Flats incorporates to give you a fresh Italian meal. 

I can’t over express how delicious everything not only looked but tasted. The flavors were so rich and so fresh. We ordered a pizza and pasta dish as our main course and we were very pleased. The pasta had sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, peas, and chicken in an alfredo sauce. The pasta was cooked well, the flavor profile was there, and the dish as a whole was filling. Then we tasted their pizza. Talk about the right amount of cheese and toppings. The crust was nice and sturdy, holding up the toppings.  They’re also good hearty portions, perfect for sharing!


Napa Flats Pizza and Pasta


If that wasn’t enough, we rounded out the night with some scoops of homemade Italian gelato, and an oven fired dish called the Banana Crumble. It’s made fresh daily with sliced bananas cooked in a brown sugar orange sauce topped with toasted pecans, oat crumble topping, homemade vanilla gelato and drizzled with salted caramel. 

And y’all know I like dessert, so I was in heaven! The gelato tastes true to the flavor that it is, and it tastes even better when it’s on top of a grilled bed of bananas and oat crumble topping.


Napa Flats Homemade Gelato


I was so pleased with our Napa Flats meal, I can not rave about it enough! Their staff was sweet and friendly answering any questions I had, and then the food backed everything else up. I hope you will check them out, and let them know Dine With Shayda sent you!

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— Shayda Torabi

Napa Flats

Napa Flats


“Dine With Shayda review Napa Flats – an Italian scratch kitchen, making much of their menu in house with fresh ingredients. From the mozzarella to gelato. “


Food Happy Hour:

Mon-Fri 3-7pm: Small plates and drink specials.