Lockhart Smokehouse -features Kreuz sausage all the way from Lockhart.

Barbecue is something not to mess with in Texas. And when every town has something worth fighting for, it’s a dirty delicious business just trying to get to the bottom of it. Such is the case for Lockhart Smokehouse. They are ranked one of the best 50 in the whole State by Texas Monthly. Which meant we had to stop here during our time in Dallas.


Lockhart Smokehouse Dallas


Lockhart Smokehouse is situated in The Bishop Arts District. In a cute collection of coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. We called at 5:00pm before heading over and they had just sold out of their first batch. They told us they were making a second run and should be ready for business at 5:45 but that there was already a line, and they sell until sold out. We headed over (about a 3 miles SW of Downtown) and jumped in line.


Lockhart Smokehouse Interior


And a line there was, immediately upon walking through the doors there were easily 40 people in front of us, and more were showing up as we waited in line. We probably waited in line a total of 25 minute  from start to finish.


Lockhart Smokehouse Condiment Bar


The decor was open style seating with Texas and old Vintage beer, gasoline, and food mart signs. The vibe was upbeat and the trail of happy people with their packages of barbecue was all I needed to keep me content in line. The name Lockhart Smokehouse stemmed from the (touted) greatest Texas Barbecue city, Lockhart (just outside of Austin area) and as such features Kreuz sausage all the way from Lockhart. Everything else is proprietary to this smokehouse, they were just so touched by their Barbecue experience in Lockhart they wanted to bring a little piece of it to Dallas.


Lockhart Smokehouse Dining Area

On the menu was a no frills Barbecue heaven full of brisket, pork, ribs, sausage and good portions of Texas sides like mac and cheese, baked beans, and potato salad. The prices per pound of brisket were also reasonable so we were able to get a handful of things and try them all for not too much.


Lockhart Smokehouse Counter

So we ordered 1/2lb Brisket, 1 link of Sausage, 1 spare rib, a small side of mac and cheese, small side of beans, and a small peach cobbler. All in ~$30 and more than enough food for two people.

Dine with Shayda - Lockhart Smokehouse

The brisket was by far the favorite of our meal. It was tender but not too fatty and had a nice bark on it full of flavor. Their sauce was a bit on the spicy side so the whole meal had a kick to it, but it was okay because the meat tasted just as good without sauce so we had a lot of combinations going. Everything else was just toppings compared to the brisket.

Lockhart Smokehouse

If you go, please tell them Dine With Shayda sent you! And let me know what you liked best about it @dinewithshayda

— Shayda Torabi

Lockhart Smokehouse

Lockhart Smokehouse Dallas

  • 400 W Davis St
    Dallas, TX 75208

    Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts District

  • $$
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“Dine with Shayda reviews Lockhart Smokehouse – ranked one of the best 50 in the state by Texas Monthly Barbecue is something not to mess with in Texas.”