Local Slice -delicious crust and a fun atmosphere.

Local Slice, a newly minted Pizza joint off Cypress Creek and Lakeline aims at bringing New York style pizza to Texas.  It brings with it, a local twist to Cedar Park.


Local Slice Cedar Park TX


My parents moved us to Cedar Park 9 years ago when the only back road to Cypress was a dirt paved one. We were accustomed to chain restaurants and big shopping malls.

Now fast forward and Cedar Park is now one of the fastest growing cities in America according to last years Census Bureau. And with that growth comes a slew of new restaurants styled to make this suburb of Austin competitive with the growing Austin food scene.  One of those restaurants is Local Slice.

The storefront is tiny but mighty and it’s their pies that matter the most. The inside seats about 6 families but you can most definitely take it to go.


Local Slice Cedar Park


But what I enjoyed most was their branding they did on an interior wall. They staged a bunch of familiar cartoon characters outside of a ‘Local Slice’ pizza shop chowing down on pizza.

To me it couldn’t get better than this, as it showed off who they really were, and was a big awesome picture to help tell their story.


Local Slice Mural


They sell pizza by the slice, custom pies, and my favorite, their local favorites. Items on the menu like the Longhorn, a pizza pie with marinated steak, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms or how about the Hangover made with elgin sausage, green bell pepper, canadian bacon, fried egg.


Local Slice Kitchen


In the end we went with the Elgin, made with elgin sausage, red onion, sweet peppers, Ray’s BBQ sauce.


Local Slice Elgin Pizza


And the Whole Hearted made with artichoke hearts, spinach, mushrooms, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, green olives.


Local Slice Pizza


They were both really good pizzas, delicious crust and a fun atmosphere. I think I’ll go there again and recommend you give it a try next time you’re in Cedar Park and craving a fresh alternative to delivery pizza– Eat Local Slice Pizza Cedar Park!

When you go,  tell them Dine With Shayda sent you! And let me know what you liked about it.  @dinewithshayda

— Shayda Torabi

Local Slice

Local Slice

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“Dine With Shayda reviews Local Slice – a Pizza shop on Cypress Creek Rd. They are bringing a local twist to NYC style pizza in Cedar Park, Tx.”