KaProw – Chinese influenced Thai Sushi Bar and Bistro bringing fiery smiles to patrons.  

There is something about Thai food that hits the spot. For me I think it’s the blend of savory asian rice and noodle dishes paired with the tropical depth from Thailand with additions like lemon grass, cilantro, and fresh limes. KaProw, founded in 2005, is owned by Chef O who still mans the helm of the restaurants day-to-day duties. You can find him behind the sushi bar rolling fresh rolls and keeping a watchful eye of his restaurant.


Chef O - Kaprow


Chef O is from Bangkok, Thailand, a son of Chinese immigrants who moved to the lush tropical rainforests of Thailand is what has influenced the food you’ll enjoy at Ka Prow. Traditional Chinese soups like Wonton Soup sit next to Thai soups like Thom Yum. Not only is there a Chinese fusion to some of his Thai dishes, but they also offer Sushi, which is a Japanese tradition. Growing up helping out in his mothers Chinese restaurant is how he learned about cooking and blending spices. And having that duality in his cooking technique is what made him want to bring that out into his restaurant. 

We started our meal off with some fried wontons, and cups of soup. The Thom Yum soup was made with shrimp and mushrooms in a very spicy Thai sauce, it was one of those good bowls that clears your sinus by the time you’re done with it. On the other end was a more savory wonton soup, the wontons were cooked to perfection and the broth had good flavor to it. 

pad thai - Kaprow


We finished our meal with an order of Pad Thai. It had good flavor and wasn’t overwhelming. The spice was done perfectly for us, although if you wanted more heat you could certainly add that. The silver lining on this place is the dedication not only Chef O has, but his team. They sincerely care about your meal and they want you to feel comfortable and at home. 

I hope you’ll take a chance and visit Ka Prow next time you’re craving some Thai food. And when you go, please let them know Dine With Shayda sent you!

Shayda Torabi

**Ka-Prow does not use any MSG in their cooking, only using fresh chicken stock, not powdered.

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“Dine With Shayda Reviews Kaprow – Asian Fusion Thai -Traditional Chinese soups like Wonton Soup sit next to Thai soups like Thom Yum. They also offer Sushi.”

Happy Hour from 5pm – 7pm (Monday – Saturday)