Hopdoddy -one of Austin’s beloved burger bars.

One of Austin’s beloved burger bars, Hopdoddy, just opened a new location in Round Rock. As of January 18th, they opened for business!

This opening marks 11 restaurants in the Hopdoddy family ranging from their original location off of South Congress to the expanding national markets in Scottsdale, Denver and El Segundo to name a few.

Upon arrival there may or may not be a line depending on when you arrive. But generally there is a line, and thankfully they serve you drinks (alcoholic to be exact) in line while you wait so it goes by quickly. People come from all over to get their hands on this burger, so lines are expected.

And it’s no surprise that this burger joint has gained popularity. They have a fine focus on providing the freshest all-natural ingredients to make their menu. They also feature local craft brews unique to each location. And, by the way, they make pretty much everything in house, from their buns to their ketchup you can count on a truly elevated burger experience. Think quality not greasy.

They also play up on the Bar part of their name and feature a full bar offering cocktails like the Prickly Pear Martini or Cherry Hard Limeade which we ordered and you can see pictures of the evidence below. Both were delicious and were made with Austin Spirit company Titos Vodka.

On the menu you will find 11 burgers each made with their own brilliant combination of ingredients. One of the great things about Hopdoddy is that you can pick and choose your protein or bun with any of the burger combinations. Say you like the Terilingua burger made with Angus Beef, Chile Con Carne, Tillamook Cheddar, Corn Fritos, Sassy Sauce but instead of the Angus beef you wanted to sub in the Bison. No problem! Gluten free? Any burger can be made gluten free giving you endless options to find something right for everyone.

I have always been a fan of Hopdoddy and experiencing the opening with their brand team, and a few of the founders made for a special evening. Y’all know I am just as much about the food as the heart behind it, so I was in burger heaven getting to hear their history.

And last but certainly not least, the service was outstanding, friendly, knowledgable and efficient. From telling stories about how certain menu items were conceived to suggesting new items to try like the Ahi Tuna Burger– we were like putty in their hands and we were not dissappointed!

All in all you have to get to a Hopdoddy near you and if you’re in Round Rock consider yourself lucky we get to have this in our part of the woods. So come on out and enjoy!

PS: A little birdie told me that to honor the Round Rock location they would be releasing a special burger made with.. YES- You got it- Round Rock Donuts as the buns! You’ll be seeing me here again real soon. And when you go, make sure to tell them Dine With Shayda sent you.

Until next time, eat on my friends!

Shayda Torabi


Hopdoddy - Round Rock TX

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‚ÄúDine With Shayda Reviews Hopdoddy, one of Austin’s beloved burger bars. They focus on the freshest all-natural ingredients and feature local craft brews.”