Hightower -the best thing ever. Welcome to the Party!

I have finally been to The Hightower!

You know those restaurants that open and get such great reviews but you keep putting off going there, and then before you know it, it’s months later and you go and you’re all “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.”
And all your friends are like “Welcome to the party”….


Mahi Mahi Ceviche - Hightower - Austin, Texas


Well welcome me with open arms, Hightower was delicious! And just maybe you haven’t been there either, and this post can help give you the nudge to make it your next dining out opportunity.

Hightower is located at 1209 east 7th street and has a beautiful patio, perfect for hot summer months and even cool months when the weather begins to turn and tempt you to hangout in it for a while.

The cuisine is New American, and the servings are on the smaller side so expect to order a few plates between dinner guests to cover everyone’s appetites. But if I’m honest, there are so many things on the menu that you would want to order so good thing this place is meant for sharing!

Now onto the food, I came here on a Friday afternoon with a good friend who had been before. We opted for the ceviche, and fried chickpeas to share, and a plate of their seasonal fried catfish.  It just seemed to call us as the air was chilly and we wanted something to warm us up inside.

My friend happened to know the owners and the head chef brought out a new menu item they are adding to their dinner menu for the season. Salmon Ceviche in an olive oil with papaya & serrano peppers, and it was just scrumptious!

I really think the pictures are as appetizing as the food and are as good as any reason why you should go to Hightower. Everything was so flavorful I couldn’t even tell you what out of our meal was my favorite because I can’t wait to go back and try more!

And when you go, tell the Dine With Shayda sent you.

Shayda Torabi


The Hightower

The Hightower

American (New)

“Dine With Shayda Reviews The Hightower. If you have been putting off going, don’t wait any longer. Everything was so flavorful It’s the Best Thing Ever!

Food Happy Hour: 
Mon-Sat 5-7pm; Sunday 5-close: Discounted appetizers and drink specials.


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