Hank’s is Open for Business

If you live in Austin, chances are you’ve heard of Hank’s by now. It’s probably all you and your friends have been talking about. And rightfully so, it’s the best neighborhood restaurant and cafe in Austin right now and is getting lots of love. So I had to see what the hype was all about!

I popped in for a quick bite to eat and to lay my very own eyes on the place. It literally looked just as pretty IRL as it did on Instagram. Every corner is photogenic, and for my sake, every dish is too!

What I love most about Hank’s is how simple it is, it’s approachable. It’s family friendly, perfect for date night or study time. Also, bookmark this place for their patio. I forsee lots of great spring and summer hangs on it. And the food is just plain freaking good. French fries to charred vegetables.  Cheeseburgers, rice bowls and one of my new favorite salads in town. They also have mussels, avocado toast, and tomato bisque. Our dishes didn’t disappoint, and since we were there during HH it was even better with 1/2 off apps and tap cocktails for $5!

While I was here for just a quick bite to eat, I definitely have plans on coming back as soon as possible! I suggest you make plans to do the same 🙂 Welcome to the hood, Hank’s!