Try New Restaurants with Groupon Coupons

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.)

In College coupons were a way of living. I was working part time to help pay for going to school full time, and that barely helped in the financial department and so I would look to deals, discounts and sales to make up for the lifestyle I wanted to live. And now as a young adult I’ve appreciated the value that coupons can bring, and while I don’t use coupons for every day deals, I did pick up a trick by using Groupon. 

Groupon features great restaurants and events, as well as products and services all at a discount. I began using the site while I was in college and would stumble upon deals for discounts at lots of interesting restaurants. I would find so many good deals, that my boyfriend and I ended up using Groupon to introduce us to new restaurants around town as well as be thrifty with our money. We found so many great deals on the site, we’ve been customers ever since!

Groupon now has a new feature on the site called Groupon Coupons which should be your newest browser bookmark. Do not online shop without it! With over 65,256 free coupons at 9,881 stores you’re bound to find something. 

Some of the deals they’ve got going on right now are for, Cheryl’s Cookies, and for The Starbucks Store. Where you can splurge on a deal, and feel good about it! You can even use it to travel to places like Vegas and maximize your savings and enjoy a vacation. 

I’ve already got my order of Cheryl’s Cookies being delivered, for $30 worth of cookies for $15. What deal will you find?

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