Gourmet by Numbers – Chef Inspired Meal Kits To Go.

(CLOSED) Let me start by saying, I am a busy girl. Whether I’m on the go for work, or busy running around town, it is hard to not only buy groceries, but make something delicious for dinner.  So I resort to tried and true favorites, quick fixes that take little time to prepare. I think the daunting part of cooking for me is having all the right ingredients to make a dish with depth. A new Austin company is here to make it a little easier on people like me, and put a little happiness back into the kitchen. Gourmet by Numbers, is just what it sounds like. Gourmet food, prepared, portioned and perfectly presented instructions that anyone (even me) can make a great tasting meal with.

Gourmet by Numbers - Chef Inspired Meal Kits


I ordered the Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus. The bag was delivered to my workplace on a Tuesday afternoon at around 4pm with an ice pack that would have kept the meal cold for up to 5 hours ensuring it made its way home safely with me.

Upon arrival, I took the ingredients out of the bag, everything you would need to make the dish and perfectly numbered according to it’s place in the recipe line. A appetizing picture of what you’re about to make adorn the page alongside all the ingredients that are in your kit. Flip it over and step by step instructions. *I found that by gathering all the 1’s together, 2’s together, etc it made it easier when it came time to moving on to the next step.

The time to cook was accurate, and the steps were easy and not overwhelming. I felt like I was learning new skills in the kitchen while making a delicious gourmet dinner for two. I actually had to hand mix the meatballs and roll them out, which is something new to me! I generally don’t touch my food like that, and mix ground pork with eggs and breadcrumbs amongst other things. It was great to complete the meal and look back and what I had just made, and it was pretty simple all in all.

Part of Gourmet by Numbers is to support local, artisans, and Chefs! Each month they partner with a Chef to feature one of their signature dishes and proceeds from that meal purchase go directly towards the non profit of the Chef’s choice. This month is Terry Wilson of Sala & Betty with her Moroccan Lamb Meatloaf with Mint Green Beans and Couscous. And in their kits you will find local farmers market finds like Johnsons Backyard Garden and Salud De Paloma.

They have a wide delivery area and even have a cute storefront off 183 and McNeil for you to pick up your meals. And with so many tasty recipes, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll fall in love with Gourmet by Numbers!

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— Shayda Torabi