Girls Staycation at The Westin Austin Downtown

Do you ever feel like you need a weekend away, even if you don’t have time to actually leave town? 🙋I’m pretty sure I just caught every one of you nodding in agreement. It’s true, we all need a vacation every now and then, and sometimes the best ones are the ones closest to home. Plus I love any excuse to see my city from a new perspective!

The Westin Austin Downtown is located in a primo spot, just a block over from the famous 6th street, and easy walking distance to the convention center. No matter what brings you to Austin, you’d literally be in the heart of the city with this hotel.

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I checked in for a girls staycation and to say we were excited was an understatement.

For one, it’s always fun to be able to enjoy experiences like this with your friends. We all lead busy lives so being able to have a sleepover together where we could just gossip and catch up was needed. In attendance were our hostess @shelbysorrel, my sister @spinsyddy, and our friends @foodfash and @eatingatx!

And damn were we in for a treat.

The Westin Austin Downtown, as a local, is known for having one of the best pool decks in town. So this is a double whammy of a hotel IMO. And we happened to be checking in the night of the Azul Pool deck re-opening event.

After we checked into our double adjoining rooms on the 19th floor, after we took 1000 photos and videos for Instagram, and before the pool party, we had dinner at Stella San Jac.

Stella San Jac had just released a new menu, so we were sampling dishes from it like chicken and waffles, and a delicious spicy pad thai. It didn’t take us long to wolf down dinner before we were escorted to the 21st floor to kick off the party.

No surprises here, we’re all a bunch of grandma’s, and we were really anticipating a big room service breakfast spread so we partied for approximately 2 hours before retiring to bed. The party consisted of a slack liner hovering above the pool, two mermaids in the pool, a contortionist, AND a fire dancer. It was lit, per usual for the Azul pool deck. But we opted to go put on face masks and take another 1000 photos of ourselves in our room. Oh and we placed our room service order by writing on this card, hung it on the door and prayed for an epic spread.


The alarm went off at 8am and @foodfash and I were up with @spinsyddy for a quick workout. Since I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, a hotel with a great fitness room is crucial. Good thing The Westin Austin Downtown has a great gym with lots of options from weights to machines, they even partnered with TRX to offer TRX equipment in all Westin’s. Which is pretty cool! Another cool thing, they’ve partnered with New Balance to offer workout clothes for a simple fee so that’s one less thing you have to pack!

OK onto the good part, room service. I feel like we don’t take advantage of room service enough as a society. I’m to blame, I always try to find a restaurant out when I travel. But I can confidently say, The Westin in Austin doesn’t mess around.

They offer fresh squeezed juices and healthy options like turkey egg white omelettes, in addition to classics like French toast and American plates. To be honest, it was pretty dreamy to be lounging in the room with all my friends over such delicious food. We all piled in the bed and dug in, after we staged a few photos of course. 🙂

It was truly a dream come true experience, and The Westin Austin Downtown really set the bar high for a great stay whether you’re traveling a few miles or a few hundred.

We really appreciated all the hospitality and amenities this hotel had to order!

PC credit: Shelby Sorrel,  Sydney Torabi, and Shayda Torabi