Tomorrow marks Opening day of Baseball Season, and Four Roses Bourbon wants to celebrate with you!

I was sent a bottle of Four Roses and was asked to create a specialty drink celebrating opening day. So I did what any good food blogger would do, I started by doing some research.

Bourbon Mint Mitt with Four Roses
Ginger Bourbon Mint Mitt with Four Roses

Four Roses is a Bourbon distilled in Louisville, Kentucky and was founded by Paul Jones Jr. The Bourbon company has a colored history with sales dating back to the 1860’s making it one of the oldest, and longest running Bourbons in the world. Not to mention, it was the top-selling bourbon of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

But in 1943 Four Roses was acquired by Seagrams who decided despite it being the top-selling product it was, to stop its production in the United States and to move it to the quickly growing European and Asian markets where it became the number one selling Bourbon and remains a top-shelf product.

In 1966, a young man named Jim Rutledge, who would later become one of the world’s most legendary Master Distillers, joined Seagram in the Louisville Plant’s R&D department.

He would work for the company for many years trying to bring Four Roses back to the states, and in 2002 the brand was sold to the Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd with the intention that Four Roses would be sold in America again, and in 2004 that dream was made a reality.

Over the last 12 years, Four Roses Bourbon has become a name that celebrates the handcrafted art of distilling bourbon all over the World.

So as we raise a glass of to one of the smoothest and mellow Bourbons around, as we celebrate America’s favorite pastime with America’s finest bourbon!

Ginger Bourbon Mint Mitt

I was inspired by the color of the fresh-cut grass of a baseball field, and the added spice of a ginger beer to turn this baseball inspired drink into a home run for your viewing parties!

Pick yourself up a bottle, and follow my simple recipe to create what I like to call a Bourbon Mint Mitt, made with Four Roses Bourbon, Mint, Ginger Beer and Fresh Limes.