Fogo De Chao -known for its specialty grilled Brazilian Meats.

Stepping out onto the rooftop patio at Fogo de Chão in Austin, Texas you are greeted with shade from the towering buildings that have begun to makeup the Austin skyline.

Tonight was a special occasion, having been invited to Fogo de Chão to cover their new Bar Fogo Menu. Which they are debuting across the nation in other Fogo de Chão’s.

Fogo de Chão is known for its specialty grilled Brazilian Meats, ranging from Beef Ancho, Beef Picanha, Pork Lombo, and Lamb Cordeiro.


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As we were whisked away upstairs to their patio and bar, we were greeted with traditional gaucho style service.  The gauchos were making us fresh Fogo Premium Caipirinha’s Muddled with Fogo Premium Aged Cachaça, fresh limes and cane sugar.


caipirinha fogo de chao


Everything on the menu for the evening was a walk through the new Bar Fogo menu. It’s nice to see Fogo de Chão offering a more approachable menu for people who want the same quality and style of food that Fogo de Chão has become known for, but in a casual and light setting.


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We started the tasting off with orders of warm hearts of palm and spinach dip, with crispy parmesan polenta fries.  The polenta fries had a sweet taste to them, but paired with the aoili it was the perfect balanced crispy bite.


yucca fries fogo de chao


They then proceeded to bring out bowls of jumbo cocktail shrimp. And I must say the service and the quality of food was nothing but excellent. They were attentive, much like their downstairs lunch and dinner service. Bringing rounds and rounds of food until our appetites were appeased.


raw shrimp at fogo de chao


No trip to Fogo de Chão would be complete without a taste or two of their famous warm pão de queijo cheese bread. These little bites are gluten free and filled with gooey cheese. They are very hard to say no to, and a big reason why I love coming back, too.


fogo de chao cheese bread


The only thing better than the warm pão de queijo cheese bread is if you turned it into the bread for a slider. And these sliders were divine, made with thinly sliced picanha it was the perfect bite sized flavor combination.


grilled beef sliders fogo de chao


I was glad to see one of the Bar Fogo menu items is a nod to their love of Brazilian meats. They brought out traditional grilled beef tenderloin skewers with a chimichurri salsa.


grilled beef tenderloin fogo de chao


Next they brought out orders of their grilled spiced shrimp skewers, these were one of my favorite items. They were jumbo shrimp packed with spice and had a sweet and savory flavor. They asked us if we wanted another order of anything, and we had about 2 more orders of these, they were that good!


grilled spiced shrimp fogo de chao


After we tasted our way through the whole Bar Fogo menu of Picanha Sirloin Sliders, Crispy Parmesean Polenta Fries, Warm Hearts of Palm and Spinach Dip, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Beef Tenderloin Skewers, and Grilled Spiced Shrimp Skewers.

And as if we weren’t delighted with enough food, they proceeded to bring out plates and plates of their desserts for us to try.


desserts at fogo


They brought out South American Flan, New York Stye Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce, Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

But my favorite, and one of their signature dishes, is the caramelized pineapple drizzled in caramel. Which is a nice alternative to cake if you’re trying to cut some of the cabs.


grilled pineapple fogo de chao


Fogo de Chão gave us a delicious preview of their new Bar Fogo menu and I hope you get to go try it soon. Grab a drink, pull up a seat, and enjoy all that Fogo de Chão has to offer.  Tell them Dine With Shayda sent you and Enjoy!

Shayda Torabi


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“Dine with Shayda Reviews Fogo de Chao – Enjoy the delicious new Bar Fogo menu, a nod to their love of Brazilian meats. And you won’t want to miss dessert.


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