Emporium Pies – Dallas, Texas

Emporium Pies -hot apple pie(+ ice cream) Bliss!

Emporium Pies is literally situated in a home in a very bustling artist neighborhood, called Bishop Arts District, in Dallas.  “Fine Pies for Fine Folk” is their slogan and we felt right at home. In fact it, after we snagged some pie (+ ice cream) we went walking through the art district wandering in and out of galleries. Bliss!


Emporium Pies


The tiny, but mighty, pie shop was in full swing at 8pm and they weren’t slowing down any time soon. (Open till 11pm on weekends!) There was even a line outside the door when we were leaving. They clearly know what they are doing and have a loyal customer base.


Emporium Pies Menu


The pies on the ‘spring menu’ were Blue Steel made of fresh Blueberries, Dr. Love- a red velvet pie, and The Drunken Nut a bourbon pecan pie.


Emporium PIes Pies Pies


The magic kitchen was front and center for everyone to see. The sweet ladies who bake the pies were kind enough to let me snap a picture for you. Homemade goodness right there.


Emporium Pie Bakers


The apple, er I mean pie of my eye, was the Lord of the Pies. A deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel crust. The lady helping us up recommended heating it (about a 6 min wait), but oh was it worth it. The apples were sliced so thinly and the crust was the perfect amount of buttery sweetness. Billy ordered the Smooth Operator, a french silk chocolate pie with pretzel crust. It was perfect consistency but the chocolate was very overwhelming, he couldn’t finish the whole thing in one sitting. (Note: That would be a perfect piece of pie to share if you’re not in the mood for the whole experience.)


Emporium Pies - The Lord of the Pies


I was also very impressed with was their branding. They sent us home with these adorable little wooden pie boxes and their menus were beautifully designed.


Emporium Pie Dallas Texas


I love pie, and Emporium pies was nothing short of fabulous. I like that they rotate their pie out depending on the season, that way it allows you to have the freshest in season ingredients, and you get a nice rotation of flavors year round keeping you coming back.


Dine with Shayda at Emporium Pies


I will definitely be visiting here next time we’re in the Bishop Arts District again. It might even be once more before this trip is over. So many cute boutiques to check out! When you visit, tell them Dine With Shayda sent you.

Shayda Torabi


Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies Dallas Texas


“Dine With Shayda Reviews Emporium Pies in Dallas. “Fine Pies for Fine Folk” is their slogan and we felt right at home. Hot apple pie(+ ice cream) Bliss!