Eat Well Guide – Austin, Texas


A new national food guide was launched recently called the Eat Well Guide and it just expanded to Austin (so far including 30+ local restaurants). The Eat Well Guide curates restaurants, farmers markets, farms, and more across the United States that have adopted the practice of producing sustainable food. Currently the Eat Well Guide is operating in over 20 cities like NYC, Boston and Miami.

Farm to table is a growing concept and I’ve seen more and more restaurants, and farms begin to focus on local, organic and ethically produced food being grown and raised– and it is awesome!

So of course producing a guide that helps you pinpoint the restaurants that allow you to eat that way is pretty special, and I was even pleasantly surprised to see how many of my favorite places were already mentioned on the list.

Not to mention all the great new places I can check out and feel confident knowing a little more about the food I’m about to eat!

Read the official press release below, and share some comments if you’ve found the Eat Well Guide useful!



New Eat Well Guide Helps Consumers Find

Locally Grown Sustainable Food

Guide features 25,000 sustainable food vendors nationwide, including restaurants, farmers’ markets, food trucks and more

New York, NY (June 23) — The GRACE Communications Foundation today launched its new Eat Well Guide, the largest online directory of sustainable food vendors in the country with 25,000 listings of restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, food co-ops and more across the United States.

“People want locally grown, sustainably produced food, so we’re making it easier for them to find it,” said Dawn Brighid, project director of the Eat Well Guide. “Most American shoppers take into account where their food came from when they’re grocery shopping. They want to support food producers who are doing their best by their customers, their workers and the planet.”

A 2014 poll by Cone Communications revealed that 83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food and 81% would like to see more options that protect the environment. This demand is evident in the enormous increase in farmers’ markets over the last 20 years, which are up 370% from 1994 and 123% from 2004.

In addition to fulfilling a vital need for consumers, the Eat Well Guide helps sustainable food producers and retailers reach individuals beyond their usual customer-base, providing a much-needed marketing boost to small farms, farmers’ markets, restaurants and food co-ops that are often outmuscled by large food corporations’ huge advertising budgets.

“We know that sustainable food vendors offer products that consumers want, but it’s difficult to compete with the enormous advertising budgets of industrial food producers,” said Chris Hunt, food program director at GRACE. “The Eat Well Guide helps to level the playing field by making it easy for consumers all around the country to find these sustainable food vendors for free.”

To be included in the Eat Well Guide, vendors must demonstrate a commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture, which is vital to protecting the environment, public health, animal welfare and local economies. For consumers, the Eat Well Guide eliminates the guessing game and helps them find sustainable food options no matter where they are.

“We were one of the first places in New York to commit to serving local, sustainable food, and it’s great to see our efforts recognized in the Eat Well Guide,” said Jimmy Carbone, owner of the legendary New York City restaurant Jimmy’s No. 43. “Sourcing sustainable food always takes a little bit more time and effort, and the EatWell Guide helps us get our name out there to new customers.”

Beyond its simple search function, which incorporates Google maps so that users can see which vendors are nearest them, the Eat Well Guide also offers curated guides for major U.S. cities, including: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA; New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; and Washington D.C.

The Eat Well Guide can help even seasoned sustainable food enthusiasts find new options close to home, or lead the way to new local food scenes while traveling. Users might even stumble upon one of the largest rooftop farms, a late night farmers’ market or a sustainable food truck.



About the Eat Well Guide

The Eat Well Guide® is a free, online directory of over 25,000 hand-picked restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, food co-ops and other purveyors of local, sustainably produced food in the U.S.


About GRACE Communications Foundation

GRACE Communications Foundation develops innovative strategies to increase public awareness of the critical environmental and public health issues created by our current food, water and energy systems, and to promote a more sustainable future. By building partnerships and mobilizing philanthropic resources, GRACE promotes consumer actions and public policies that support sustainable food systems, result in smarter use of water resources, provide clean energy alternatives to conventional power production, and embrace the complex interconnections of our food, water and energy systems. In addition to the Eat Well Guide, the foundation’s projects include the Water Footprint Calculator (, the Seasonal Food Guide( and The Meatrix (