Dutch Baby Pancakes for Brunch at The Hightower

Who: The Hightower

What: New Texan Cuisine

When: Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am –  2:30pm

Where: 1209 E 7th St. Austin, Texas

Why: If you haven’t visited The Hightower for brunch yet, may I suggest you make plans to do so immediately. This East Austin restaurant is situated right off of East 7th street and serves some of the prettiest food in Austin. As a bonus, it’s also some of the tastiest.

Opened in 2014 by Chad Dolezal and Victor Farnsworth, the concept has always been to show off local flavors and seasonal ingredients. And that is absolutely reflected in their menu, which features plays on traditional Mexican dishes and elevates them with new flavors.

I recently popped in for brunch to get the full scoop and it started with grabbing a spot on the patio and ordering a drink.

Since I prefer tequila, I wanted to explore some of their agave cocktails. In addition to serving bloody mary’s and mimosas, I opted for their El Rey made with Tequila, lime, and prickly pear juice.  It was refreshing and simple. Not to mention a standout drink that is the perfect addition to any food photo opportunity!

From drinks, we went on to order a smorgasbord of brunch items. Starting with the beef tartare tostada and a grilled cabbage salad. The egg yolk was perfectly placed and with one puncture dripped down so elegantly over the beef tartare. It was a unique way to present the beef tartare as well on a tostada, but it totally worked and created for a nice bite.

We also ordered their brunch board, prepared with smoked sausage, pate, beer cheese, pickles, and lavash. It was a large portion, so best to order with a big group of people for sharing. However, I showed up hungry, so we ate most of the board as well as downed everything else.

If you couldn’t tell already, everything they prepare is so beautiful. The attention to detail of the dishes is apparent. The owners both come from long backgrounds in the food and beverage industry, and that expertise is displayed in how the dishes come out. Every time a new dish would get brought out my face would light up, I love seeing chef’s think about a dish holistically.

As if brunch wasn’t so great already, we had to go and order the dutch baby pancake made with carnitas, spiced sweet potato, pure cane syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar. This, if you take nothing away but ordering the dutch baby pancake, you will leave this a better human being. I was so impressed by this dish, savory carnitas wrapped in a sweet pancake, sprinkled with that sugar and then cut through again with some savory from the sweet potato puree. My mouth was on the floor until I gobbled this whole dish up.

So this weekend, make some plans for Brunch at The Hightower and be the one with the cool hip brunch recommendation. I got you!

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