Dreamy Dinner Party at Kasita with Le Politique

Y’all! I am so excited to finally share this little update with you about a recent dinner party I hosted at Kasita with Le Politique. My friend Arielle from the Southern Influence and I partnered to show off the beautiful Kasita prototype space and what better way then throwing the most epic dinner party?

Kasita at its core makes beautiful small footprint homes. Decked out in the latest technology, design at the forefront, and lots of useable flexible space, it makes living in the 354 sq. feet homes seem functional and cozy.

In fact before we did the dinner party I got to spend the night in it, and they’re just dreamy spaces and I could totally see myself taking advantage of Kasita for numerous applications. It is essentially the shape of a shipping container, so they can be purchased as individuals, which make the perfect addition to a a large backyard for an in-law suite, or if you have a piece of land, no need to build your home from the ground up, just set your Kasita on the property. They also offer communities, where you could live amongst other Kasita owners. The size of the home isn’t even a thought once you’re inside, the space is laid out so strategically to maximize the necessities and minimize the clutter.

So for our party we wanted to show off the space, and what better than to invite our favorite movers and shakers from Austin to join us for a special curated dinner party.

One of the things I love about a great dinner party is the guest list, making sure that the people you invite will add value to the other individuals at the dinner, as well as make for engaging conversation. I can say that our group of friends was just that and then some, and I’m lucky to call them friends in real life. I loved being able to share this special experience with them, it was super special!

Le Politique catered the event and actually were plating in the kitchen while we were dining in the flex living room. It was this beautiful experience and we actually had Le Politique head chef Derek Salkin doing the prep for us while dinner was going on. I mean, Y’all he’s a phenomenal chef and Le Politique is one of the hottest restaurants to open in Austin recently and we had him in our kitchen cooking us a wonderful meal. To say it was dreamy is an understatement. Big thank you to the Le Politique team for going above and beyond to make our night perfect.

Limbo Jewelry made sure every guest walked away with a piece of jewelry from their local handmade in Austin store, and local artist Karen Hawkins offered her beautiful art to be the centerpiece display over our dining table!

I was so excited to host this event and every single detail was absolutely perfect. I loved being able to share my excitement for Kasita with my friends and hope you’ll get a kick out of the photos below!

All photos by Shelly Borga of Dakota and Co.