Running Dine With Shayda is a pride of mine because I love being able to share with you all my favorite things. The purpose of this blog is not to promote products or establishments that I wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on. So I hope you have confidence that everything included, whether *complimentary or not, is something I would support regardless.

*As a blogger, I do receive complimentary experiences, products, and work with brands for sponsorship.


Copywrite Information

All original content is copyright Shayda Torabi of Dine With Shayda including all photos unless otherwise stated.  Please do not reproduce any content without permission.  Please contact me at shayda (at) dine with shayda dot com if you’d like to use any pictures or other content.

Sponsors and Advertisements

You may have noticed in the side bar I have a included some brands with affiliate links.  This means if you click on something there, I may get a small percentage of your purchase if you make one, or I may get a very small amount per click. The other ads, such as the ones at the top of the page and the Google ads at the bottom of the side bar are chosen by the ad companies and I do not have a say over their content.  If anything is offensive, please contact me by email at shayda (at) dine with shayda dot com and I will have them removed.

Free stuff

Occasionally I will receive a product free of charge to try out and give my opinion.  I will always disclaim that I received the product for free and I will always give my honest opinion.  I don’t like writing negative reviews (or giving any publicity to products or restaurants I don’t personally enjoy) so if I do receive something I don’t like, chances are you wont hear about it.  I only accept products for review that I would think about purchasing on my own.


Sometimes a company will offer to sponsor a giveaway, to give Dine With Shayda readers some of their product to try.  If I like the product I love being able to share some with you!  These products are always free to you.

Being paid for positive blog posts

I will always be 100% honest in my reviews.  If I don’t like something, I probably wont give it any attention on my blog.  And I will NEVER accept payment to compromise my food philosophy, so you wont see me recommending or promoting products that go against what I believe.

Sponsored posts

Occasionally I will also do sponsored posts as I cannot afford to spend so much time on my blog (as much as I love it, and as much as I love food) without a little something extra. I will never accept payment to write something that I do not agree with and I will only accept sponsored posts that fit into my philosophy.

What guidelines do companies have to follow when submitting their products for review on my blog?

I will not accept any items or products that I wouldn’t use, whether in my personal life or on the blog.  I will not accept any items or products that do not fit into my food philosophy found on my about page.  I do not guarantee a positive review or a review at all.  If I do not like a product, I will not write about it, but if you’d like I will give my personal opinion to you in a private email.  I will also not return any products sent to me for review.  If you have something you think I’d enjoy please send an email to shayda (at) dine with shayda dot com.


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