Comfort Food on MAX’s Wine Dive Fall Menu

As the weather begins to dip and the leaves begin to change, we just can’t help ourselves to fall in love with fall. It means snuggling up to log fires, cheering on at football games, and lots of holidays where delicious food is at the center of it all. 

In honor of fall, MAX’s Wine Dive just debuted a new menu featuring comfort food inspired dishes and I was invited to give it a taste. They’re located at 207 San Jacinto Blvd in Downtown Austin near the Convention Center. I had never been to MAX’s Wine Dive before but was looking forward to checking the space out. 


I was meeting a group of blogging friends there, and we were going to make our way through the new menu. We had our cameras ready, and our glasses of wine being poured as they began bringing out the first dish. 

It was a creamy brie wrapped in a buttery puff pastry filled with caramelized apples, cranberries, and walnuts. This was one of my favorite dishes of the evening and had me going back for seconds and thirds. I can’t pass up a good baked brie, it’s unquestionable. 

The chef would bring out the dishes and we would all swarm over them with our cameras. We were mid shot for the brie, and then out came the house-roasted pork belly bites finished with a rum demi-glaze, served with apple-bacon jam. Following that, the house-roasted bone marrow served with an apple-bacon jam and pretzel crostini. The bites were great portions, and that demi-glaze was nice and sweet. 

I had never had bone marrow like this before, but I became quickly addicted. It was served with some pickled onions and mini wheat breads , and we didn’t let a drop go to waste using the bread to sop up the fatty liquids. It’s an extra special dish that was a favorite all around. 

One of the prettier dishes of the night was the house-made lobster risotto lightly fried with a panko crusted finish, served with a chive aioli. The crunch of the panko with the freshness of the lobster made these little bites disappear quickly. 


For the main courses, MAX’s offers three new dishes. The Classic Salisbury Steak, a 10 oz. chopped steak smothered in mushroom gravy, served with truffle mash and mixed veggies, and topped with crispy fried onions. 

A slow-braised pot roast, served on a bed of white cheddar scallop potatoes as pictured in the main photo above. 

And the main star of the night was ‘The Royal’ Lobster Pot Pie. Yall, this was not only amazing to look at, but it tasted just as you’d think it should. It starts with a house-made buttermilk biscuit filled with a savory lobster bisque filling, topped with Max’s famous chicken-fried lobster tail. 

To say we were impressed is an understatement, this thing needs to be ordered and experienced to fully understand. It was a show stopped and we ate ever last bite of it! We left MAX’s full, happy, and excited to share this new menu with our friends! 

I hope you will go check out MAX’s Wine Dive soon and tell them Dine With Shayda sent you. 

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