Cilantro Lime, An Austin Meal Delivery Service

Cilantro Lime is a meal delivery service in the Austin metro area, that delivers fresh, healthy ingredients to your doorstep. What really caught my attention with Cilantro Lime is its range of cuisines, from traditional American to Thai, and Mediterranean dishes.

If you’re anything like me, I love to eat food, but cooking in the kitchen always has its challenges. Generally, I only keep so many ingredients in the house, and I’m only comfortable with a handful of dishes. When I want to make something with flavor, I either end up overbuying specialty spices and ingredients that sit in my pantry. Or the recipes are so complex, it scares me away from the kitchen.

When I heard about Cilantro Lime, I thought that this was something I could try. I chose to make a Thai dish called the Pad Prik Gaeng, it’s chicken stir fry with green beans in a red curry.

I placed the order online and selected the day for delivery. I choose to make it the following day, and the meal was delivered around 4pm in an insulated bag with an ice pack to keep the meal cold until I could get home to make it. (If you save the bag and return it, you can get free delivery next time.)

The average time to make a dish is around 30 min, which was great because I generally don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking meals. Inside the insulated bag were all the ingredients portioned out, labeled, and a recipe card with step by step instructions and even a photo of what the finished dish is supposed to look like.

What I liked about Cilantro Lime was the step by step ingredients, it helped me keep up the pace of what I was supposed to begin and when, and was easy to manage as one person in the kitchen. I blanched the green beans, steamed the rice, cut and browned the chicken, and– this one I’m most proud of– I made curry paste!

Once the curry paste was blended up with all the spices and peppers, the dish was stir fried all together in one pan which is what makes this dish so great to prepare.

The finished product is a spicy, high in protein, and gluten-free Thai dish that was cooked in less than 30 min with local fresh ingredients. I had a lot of fun cooking with Cilantro Lime and would definitely cook with them again. It makes being in the kitchen easy and fun, and I hope you’ll check out their menu and see what you can make for your next meal!