Central Standard Now Offering Lunch

Central Standard now offering lunch. The recent American style kitchen and bar that opened in South Congress Hotel is open for Lunch!

Press: Central Standard Now Offering Lunch
Photo by: Nick Simonite

I recently visited them for their dinner service, and it was outstanding. They have a nice raw bar and wood hearth churning out pork chops, oysters, and lobster tails. The lunch menu looks great and I can’t wait to go try the pan roasted chicken. 

And now that they’re open for lunch, you can get your fix (pretty much) any time of day! 

Lunch at Central Standard
Mid-day at Central Standard
  • Available Monday-Friday, 3-5pm on the bar + patio
  • No reservations – walk-ins only
  • Menu highlights: Gulf Shrimp Cocktail, Prime Rib Dip, Basted Cheeseburger