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Central Standard -in the beautifully chic South Congress hotel.

Central Standard has arrived. The newest restaurant from New Waterloo opened up this week in the beautifully chic South Congress Hotel serving up New American with an emphasis on their Raw Bar and their wood burning Hearth.

Central Standard - Austin, TX

Guests can choose to sit on the wrap around patio or stake a spot inside to take in the beautiful tile work that plays against the wood grained furniture. We opted to sit inside for our first time checking out the space because we wanted to smell, hear and see what was going on around us.

Reminder, Central Standard opened to the public December 17, 2015, and you can make reservations for dinner, drinks and desserts.

When you walk inside you’re greeted with this pleasant smell of wood burning, and that smell isn’t only to appeal to your senses but it’s also used to cook a good portion of the menu. There is a section dedicated to the Hearth, which can simply be described as an area underneath a fireplace. They’ve set up two grill plates next to the Hearth so they can use the embers to cook dishes like Grilled Amberjack or NY Strip Steak.

And on the opposite side, they offer an extensive Raw Bar featuring 5 different types of oysters, clams, mussels and lobster. Which did not disappoint.

We started with the Half Shell Platter, which featured 12 oysters, 6 clams, and half a lobster. Oysters ranged from Chatham Regs, Howland’s Landing, Mant’s Landing, Peter’s Point, Wellfleet and Middleneck Clams. Because the platter was quite large, we opted to go straight into the mains.

No matter where I go I am always curious about the burger, and when we saw one on the menu at Central Standard, we had to try it out. It was a Basted Cheeseburger with cracked pepper cure, marrow bone onions, au poivre, and grafton cheddar. The marrow bone onions were the most heavenly flavor on top of the au poivre patty which basically means steak heavily peppered. So imagine all this flavor packed into a burger, if you’re curious about their burger, I say do it! 

And because of the Hearth we really wanted to try something in honor or that, so we choose the Berkshire Pork Chop made with hot pepper paste, leeks charred on the plancha, and fennel pollen. The wood flavor was coming through, the fennel pollen was a nice touch, the meat held itself up nicely and wasn’t too tender, but soaked up the mixture of sauce on the plate nicely. 

One of the things I enjoyed most about Central Standard was that everything on the menu was done with intention. There were no side items, pun intended, even when dealing with the sides. Everything was prepared perfectly. For sides we had the Grilled Broccolini with pine nuts, fresno chili, lemon, parmesan and the Loaded Sweet Potato with crispy chorizo, avocado, scallion and creme fraîche. 

And for dessert, which was arguably one of my most anticipated parts of the meal due to Head Pastry Chef Amanda Rockman. I’ve had the opportunity to try her other desserts at Cafe No Se, and she hasn’t disappointed. We wanted to have a scoop of the housemade ice cream so we decided to try Apple Pie ice cream, and Cream Cheese ice cream. Which were both dreamy in their own unique ways. The Apple Pie ice cream tasted exactly like apple pie, it was the perfect combination. And the Cream Cheese ice cream was very rich and creamy. We also wanted to try a traditional dessert and went with the Carrot Pavlova cake with halva, spiced cake, more carrots and another scoop of the Cream Cheese Ice Cream. 

I hope you get to check out this new restaurant and give them a nice Austin welcome!  Be sure to tell them Dine With Shayda sent you. And if you’ve been, let me know what you ordered.


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Central Standard

Central Standard Austin

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“Dine With Shayda Reviews Central Standard now in Austin. Serving up New American with an emphasis on their Raw Bar and their wood burning Hearth.”