Caseys New Orleans Snowballs – Austin, Texas

If you’ve been in Austin for any amount of time, you have probably come across Caseys New Orleans Snowballs. Currently at 808 E. 51st street, Austin, TX 78751, Casey’s has been around since 1996 serving Austin New Orleans Style snowballs.

Casey’s is a place in Austin that I have a deep personal connection with. You see, growing up in Austin there was this little red food trailer by my elementary school called Raspas (way before the food truck scene hit Austin). My mom would take me there nearly every day after school and growing up in Austin I became a regular to Raspas owners, Cliff and Pattye Chapman.

Casey New Orleans Snowballs Austin Texas

Well the story goes that somewhere between 1996 and 1999 Cliff and Pattye were longtime customers of Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs.

Casey’s was originally founded in Austin by Suzy Casey Gallagher and Kit Thompson in 1996 as an expansion of Suzy’s family business from Metairie, LA operating a snowball stand since the early 1960’s. Which by the way is still operating to this day.

It was during Cliff’s time as a customer that he eventually got a job in Casey’s kitchen learning the ropes of the snowball business. The stand was popular and there were often long lines and Pattye and Cliff thought were inspired that they too could start their own snowball stand.

And so in 2000, Raspas was born. Located in a parking lot off West Anderson lane and Mullen drive Pattye and Cliff ran Raspas for nearly a decade before Cliff and Pattye approached them about the possibility of selling Casey’s to them.

Because Cliff had worked at Casey’s before, the couple knew that Pattye and Cliff would take good care of their business so that they could retire.

It’s 2015 and Patty and Cliff are just as involved in the Casey’s story today.

You can often drive by and see the line of eager patrons as they embark on their New Orleans snowball treat and maybe you find yourself in the neighborhood looking for something sweet yourself.


Casey’s has over 60 flavors, all made with pure cane sugar and no corn syrup. My personal favorites are the Tigers Blood which is a mixture of cherry and watermelon, and Banana.

One of the best things Pattye and Cliff do (and I don’t know if it was something started by Suzy and Kit- I suppose I shall ask next time) with the snowball is they take a straw and they dig out a trench around the perimeter of the snowball. They then dip the straw into the center of the snowball and then shake out the excess to make a channel for the flavor to saturate every layer of the snow cone. It’s a pure way to guarantee flavor in every bite.


I still go visit Pattye and Cliff now and then when I get a craving for Casey’s. I’ve grown older, and Casey’s has grown more popular, but I still remember the days when Cliff would shake the ice from the straw over my head when I was a little girl. I used to have to stand on the tire just to reach the window. But it was a magical part of my childhood, and I will never forget the kindness Pattye and Cliff shared with me. Or the simple joy of delighting me with a delicious snowball time and time again.



Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Address: 808 E 51st St, Austin, TX 78751

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