Café No Sé Burgers x Shelly Borga

When I’m in the mood for a really great burger, my mind instantly goes to Café No Sé. So when my beautiful and talented friend Shelly Borga said that she wanted to help me snap some photos for the blog, that’s exactly where we went!

For one, Café No Sé is D~R~E~A~M~Y. There are big beautiful windows, cozy booths with pillows overlooking bustling South Congress, and the best lighting in a restaurant ever! (Instagrammers take note). Not only is the design great, but the food is just as exciting. You can score an excellent vegetarian dish full of fresh veggies and spices, and on the same menu find one of the most satisfying burgers and fries in the city.

It’s truly one of my favorite places in the city for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And makes for the perfect spot to catch up with a girlfriend over some snacks. Mine just came with a side of camera sass 😉 Which if you ever want to feel special, a session with Shelly will do 👏 the 👏 job 👏! 

PS: Beautiful wrap around patio and a full bar! Highly recommend, 10 x 10!

Photos by: Shelly Borga







Photos by: Shelly Borga