Boozy Ice Cream -Real, Sinister, And Delicious

Prohibition Creamery might be new to Austin (July 2016), but it’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about ice cream shops in town with their boozy ice cream.

That’s because, at this special ice cream parlor, you can find beautifully handcrafted cocktails alongside booze-infused ice cream treats. Prohibition is an alcoholic ice cream shop, and they’re delivering big on flavors infused with tequila, bourbon, and sangria.


All of this is the brainchild of founder and owner, Laura Aidan, who has a clear passion for her craft. Inspired by baking delicious sweets with her mother, Aidan took that love of a classic dessert and infused it with her favorite liquors to make boozy ice cream perfection and bring that delicious treat to Austin.


Located off East 7th street, at this bungalow style ice cream shop you can get the ice cream served in a cup or cone, and they also offer non-alcoholic versions if you want something less sinister. You can even get the ice cream served in adult milkshakes, or get a shot poured over your scoop to give it some extra spice.

Boozy Ice cream - Prohibition Creamery - Austin Texas

For our Austin Food Blogger Alliance October happy hour, we all met up at Prohibition to sample a few of their signature flavors. The first was non-alcoholic and is their chocolate spooky dough, it was made with big chunks of cookie dough so you’re sure to get a piece in every bite. They then brought out the sangria sorbet, which was just as you’d expect, a nice frozen sangria treat.

And then they served what I think is the most badass thing on the menu, it’s simply a black ice cream in a black cone. It’s called Black Magic, and it’s made with a vanilla liqueur called Creme de Cacao a la Vanille to make it boozy and activated coconut charcoal is what gives it the rich black color. Talk about my spirit ice cream, all black everything!


Another favorite of mine was the Tiramisu ice cream in the black cone, it was just so addicting and delicious and such a fun concept. The ice creams are nice and boozy, but not overpowering. And if you’re worried that you’ll get too tripped up off of a few scoops, the chances of that are a little unlikely, but do eat and drive responsibly! For some added adventure, ordering it with the pour over shot will give you the liquor kick you may desire from their boozy ice cream.

Prohibition Creamery - Shayda Torabi - DineWithShayda

Their space has plenty of inside and outside seating and even offers a nice bar top where you can sit and watch them whip up your cone or specialty cocktail. This is the perfect place for an after dinner nightcap or a Saturday afternoon treat. I hope you’ll go give Laura and her team a hello, and make sure to tell them Dine With Shayda sent you!

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Prohibition Creamery – 1407 E 7th St Austin, TX 78702

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