BlogHer Food 2016 Wrap Up

What a treat! BlogHer Food 2016, a popular Blogging conference with an emphasis on the food and beverage industry happened to be in Austin this year.

So as a good, curious, food blogger, I was eager to attend and soak up insights.


I spend a lot of time, as a tech marketer for WP Engine, at WordCamps, which are locally organized WordPress events. Those events generally focus on how to develop, design, and build your WordPress website. So while I fancy myself a WordPress expert, I had yet to go to a conference with likeminded foodie individuals and I was really excited!

The event was two days, October 7th & 8th, and held at the Hilton Hotel Downtown Austin. It had amazing guest speakers both local and national, ranging on subjects from a Social Media Bootcamp, to Creating an Awesome Food Podcast.

It helped that a lot of my local food blogging friends had also purchased tickets, and my sister, while she’s a fitness blogger, decided to come out and I think she learned a lot of valuable information.


It was a jam packed conference, most everything was on the same floor so it was easy to navigate, and I felt like the content was really well curated. We had an appropriate amount of time to interact with all the sponsors, while also still being entertained with great speakers.

And the conference food selection was amazing, they took care of us for breakfast both days, and lunch one of the days. Another fun thing they organized was an “Explore Austin” lunch on day two. I ended up leading a group of fellow Texan bloggers visiting from their respective cities and we wandered over to Graj Mahal, a delicious Indian restaurant off Rainey Street with a gorgeous big front patio.


I made new friends, and learned some tricks to try along the way that I hope to incorporate as I continue building Dine With Shayda. This blog is so important to me and has been a huge source of inspiration for my daily life, that I really hope you all enjoy reading and seeing everywhere I dine as much as I enjoy going on these food adventures.

One of the things that struck me the most about the BlogHer Food 2016 conference was the confidence to be you and to build an authentic brand. It was so motivating and it’s the same type of passion I hope to infuse into everything I do.


Blogger Food 2016 Shayda Torabi

I also learned really tactical pieces of information, and can’t stress how big of a theme video was. It was a little nerve-wracking because I currently don’t do a lot, if really any video content. And I’d love to begin to think of new ways to grow into that, but it is definitely out of my comfort zone. I think that’s a good way to live life though, a little uncomfortable and always curious.

blogher food 2016 Wrap Up

There were a ton of lessons learned at BlogHer Food 2016.  From the amazing and talented speakers, but also the attendees. Just being at the conference and connecting with likeminded individuals was so infectious. I really hope to be able to continue attending this event and events like it, and I encourage you wherever you are to try to find conferences or meet ups that bring you in community of likeminded individuals. It’s really powerful!