Bangers Sausage House -beautiful backyard beer garden.

Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden has become an Austin favorite in just a few short but bountiful years. Opening up on Austin’s historic Rainey Street in 2012, they specialize in hand crafted small batch artisanal sausage and offer hands down Austin’s largest selection of beers on tap with 104 beers in total.


Bangers Sausage House and Bar - Austin Texas

It’s easy to see why this establishment has become a place for friends, and furry friends alike, to bask in the Texas sun, enjoy a beer and eat a great meal at a reasonable price.

Banger’s makes everything in house, from their mustard and pickles to the sausage itself. This is a place that has a deep care for how your meal is prepared and made. And it comes through when you walk into the beautiful big open beer garden and you are greeted with the smell of wood on the grill. You feel like you’re going to a friend’s backyard barbecue. And if you’re like any of the many locals who can’t get enough of Bangers, you might as well consider yourself family.

We were in for a treat when Banger’s invited us to a private event for the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance. They pulled out all the stops and for that I am super grateful because it was just so awesome to get to experience Bangers like that. We started off the night drinking a nice smooth but dark Mustache Rye as we settled into our seats. They have this cool stage built out of the back of this old house which they use for just about anything you can imagine (we had our company all hand’s here last quarter and there was  a polka band playing from it!)

That night the stage was the kitchen.  The founder and owner Ben Seigel, accompanied by Head Chef Ted Prater, took us through how their sauerkraut, mustard, pickles and most importantly how their bratwurst were made. They were knowledgable, patient, and open to all our questions. Sharing lots of stats that gave us a new appreciation for their craft.

Banger’s seats 500 people at any given time, and they see 5,000 people come through in any given week. It takes 3 weeks to pickle their pickles, mustard takes over 20 days and sauerkraut takes 10-14 days depending on the season (hot vs cold). And probably the most outstanding stat, they make and sell over 2,000 pounds of fresh sausage a week, in 30 varieties.

Sausage is a science to Prater. He never wants to make above 25 pound batches at a time which gives him total control over the quality of the sausage.  You want a good mix of fat and meat to mix together through the grind. After they walked us through the processes they grilled the actual sausages that had just been made in front of us. We sat down and were in for a feast!

By now it was nightfall. The overhead string lights had been turned on and the scene had transformed into a cozy backyard gathering. We were drinking, trying everything and anything and everyone had a big smile on their face. Siegel was giving tours of the restaurant, sharing sneak peaks behind their beer tap into the beer cooler. We saw where all their pickles and other condiments and sausage cure in another fridge, and then at the end of it all we were gifted a jar of their homemade pickles. I snuck some bites on the way home, and let me tell you their pickles are addicting.

Even as I write this to you I’m thinking of which day this weekend I can go back, maybe I’ll check them out for Brunch. I hear it’s one of the best in the city and I haven’t quite made it over yet. Bring your dog, bring your friends, be ready to leave full and happy.

When you go, tell them Dine With Shayda sent you!

Bangers Sausage House

Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden - Austin, TX

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“DineWithShayda Reviews Bangers Sausage House who specialize in hand crafted artisanal sausage. One of Austin’s largest selections of 104 beers on tap.